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萬變卡 re-release of dragon ball cards

looks like bandai is planning to re-release these things.. brought back a lot of fond memories... i still have a lot of these cards.. which is called 萬變卡 in hk..  haha


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little update about my...

little update about my:

recent work - casting and interviewing actors for my new short film, things are kinda slow since there're quite some irresponsible actors who skipped the auditions without notifying us...

recent purchase - i didn't actually buy anything during the black friday weekend, but instead placed my online order of dvd the week before, some of the stuff i...Read more

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Men's premium brassiere.... (shocked)

is it for real?? read about it in the newspaper....

who would actually buy or use it?????

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Go watch 天水圍的日與夜 The Way We Are!

I just feel a strong urge to promote this film, 天水圍的日與夜 The Way We Are, no, i am not the marketing person for this film, and i didn't receive any money to promote it. I just like it and enjoy it so much that i wanna recommend it to anyone who genuinely loves hk cinema!

as i have written below in my previous posts, one of the biggest problems of hk movies now is the lack of &...Read more

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From Andrei Rublev to Why I hate Hong Kong cinema (after 97)

just finished watching Andrei Rublev, another challenging epic by Russian cinema master Andrei Tarkovsky, like it very much, perhaps next to Solaris and Ivan's childhood.

I know a lot of people prefer his later works, but somehow I just feel more engaged watching the aforementioned films. These films seem to have a stronger narrative, as compared...Read more

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Super Obama World...

Super Obama World...


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thoughts on family man killing former boss | 住家男被炒殺舊老闆感想


MOUNTAIN VIEW (AP) ― A 47-year-old engineer suspected of slaying three of his former co-workers at a Silicon Valley high-tech firm was arrested Saturday by police.

Jing Hua Wu had been laid off Friday from his job as a product test engineer by SiPort Inc., but he returned hours later to the company's San...Read more

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A Day to Remember!

History is made, Obama won the election and became the nation's first black president!

(taken last year when Obama visited San Francisco...my closest encounter with the man himself... honestly i dont remember what he said that day, but i do remember his charisma and his ability to draw the crowds...)

The Americans have been undergoing too many disappointment and miserable things and this...Read more

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAtqKY-e5RY&feature=related

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From Platform to Ashes of Time Redux | 由"站台"到"東邪西毒終極版"

i've seen quite some movies lately, but still haven't got time to write about them.. checked out several films from the jia zhangke's series at pfa.. actually i have seen almost all of his films on dvd before, but it's always nice to see these good films on the big screen, picked "useless", "the world", and my all time favorite "platform"

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