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From Platform to Ashes of Time Redux | 由"站台"到"東邪西毒終極版"

i've seen quite some movies lately, but still haven't got time to write about them.. checked out several films from the jia zhangke's series at pfa.. actually i have seen almost all of his films on dvd before, but it's always nice to see these good films on the big screen, picked "useless", "the world", and my all time favorite "platform"

platform is really an excellent film.. the story is so simple yet heartbreaking.. i mean, the emotion is not blatant but you can really feel the sadness of the characters.. how these people are trapped in a closed environment, both physically and culturally.. in a sense, i sometimes do have similar feeling..

i remember i once read an interview article and jia zhangke kinda mentioned that "it is more difficult to give up than to hang on".. by that he means some people do have a dream, but in order to make a living (for themselves or for the ones they loved), they have to give up their dream and live a tedious life...i think what he said is very right... in the film, the girl (zhao tao) who wants to be a dancer but ends up becoming a tax collector, and then the wife of the guy (wang hongwei)... the scene when she is dancing in the office is so sad...


platform is slow, the narrative is kinda loose and the characters are not glamorous at all, but it is definitely one of the best Chinese films ever made...

i also happened to catch a screening of Wong Kar Wai's Ashes of time redux... another great film that requires multiple viewings...

"the cloud is not moving, the wind not blowing, it is the human's mind that's pounding... " a nice quote that describes the viewing experience well..

「雲未動﹐風也未動﹐是人的心自己在動」﹐片初的序言﹐正好用來形容觀影感受。記得十多年前年紀尚輕﹐觀看此片時沒有深刻感受﹐倒是今次再看﹐心情卻躁動起來 ﹐被片中的對白感動。其實不論是以往或現在﹐影片劇情都沒變﹐對白也沒有改動﹐真正有變化的不過是我的心境 ﹐的確﹐是人的心在動。


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Tell us more about Ashes of Time Redux, please. That beautiful, enigmatic film is a real favorite of mine, but I've only seen the less than satisfying Ah Mei DVD version. Critics' reactions to seeing the digitally restored version on the big screen has me positively salivating. Unless something changes, it doesn't look like this film will even play North Carolina before the DVD release. Everyone says this is a film to see on a large screen--so let me live the experience vicariously through you, since it looks like I may never get the chance to see it like that.
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