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thoughts on family man killing former boss | 住家男被炒殺舊老闆感想


MOUNTAIN VIEW (AP) ― A 47-year-old engineer suspected of slaying three of his former co-workers at a Silicon Valley high-tech firm was arrested Saturday by police.

Jing Hua Wu had been laid off Friday from his job as a product test engineer by SiPort Inc., but he returned hours later to the company's Santa Clara office and asked for a meeting around 4 p.m. with the three shooting victims, police said. It was during this meeting that Jing Wu took out a nine-millimeter handgun and shot and killed all three officials."

People in the bay area have probably heard about this incident that happened yesterday. A laid off worker returned to his company and killed his former boss.... what is horrible is that the killer seems to be an ordinary family man with no mental illness or previous criminal record. is it really because of the bad economy? i dunno.. but obviously work pressure did play a role in the case...

there are a lot of pressures we face every day, and violence is definitely the most unacceptable mean to release these pressures.. i mean, just like the bus uncle case in hk, "you have pressure, i have pressure" too, in what right do you have to inflict your pain on me...

if you feel anxious or hopeless, perhaps it is time to sit back and relax, watch a movie or play some sports now!




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