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A Day to Remember!

History is made, Obama won the election and became the nation's first black president!

(taken last year when Obama visited San Francisco...my closest encounter with the man himself... honestly i dont remember what he said that day, but i do remember his charisma and his ability to draw the crowds...)

The Americans have been undergoing too many disappointment and miserable things and this is definitely the perfect time for a change. no one knows if obama can fix all the problems the US is facing now, but at least he remind us where to find hopes...

People here in the Bay Area are all crazy about Obama's victory and they just celebrate it like it's the glorious day of our time...

Notice the Democrats are also taking full control of the Senate and the House..not sure if it is good with such an unbalance of power distribution, but one thing is sure, it is certainly the darkest day for the Republicans..

Anyway, It is also good to see that the local elections here in the bay area are favoring a lot of Chinese candidates. San Francisco, with more than a third of the residents are Asians, finally has at least two Chinese supervisors, yeah I know rank choice voting keeps us from getting the final result yet, but with three Chinese candidates on the top spots for D1, it is a sure win, and D4's Carmen Chu also won by majority votes already, now D3's David Chiu is also leading... so hopefully the number of supervisors can finally reflect and represent the real racial distribution of the city...

the city governments and boards of education in the east bay are also seeing a lot of Chinese new faces, with some I personally talked to and would like to congratulate them... though south bay is a little bit disappointing. nevertheless, you still at least see the first chinese state assemblyman in that district..

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