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2009 - a difficult year

the year of ox just started, and there are already so many bad news among my friends..

  1. a friend's car got a flat tire on the first day of the year of ox, and then after she fixed it, on the next day, the window of her car got smashed by someone...

  2. a bunch of friends got laid off last month.

  3. a friend's house just got broken into less than 2 hours ago...

  4. a friend's father's car was stolen this morning, and his own car was stolen last month.

  5. <...Read more
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農曆新年快樂 Happy Chinese New Year!







寫作方面﹐有打算把以往撰寫的電影文章結集﹐不過要翻閱﹑篩選和更改舊文﹐以目前的可用時...Read more

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just found an old song..never heard of this version before..so cool!

just found this randomly...this is classic.... didn't know this duo version before..so cool..haha tamaki koji's cantonese sounds pretty good (considering that he doesnt speak the language at all...)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qSTZUFuAFQ&feature=related

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another excellent selection of cc

cc did the right thing again, the long awaited (yes i have been waiting for this one for a long time) hiroshi shimizu's dvd boxset with english subs will finally come out in march, now we can forget the crazily priced japanese versions...  the only bad thing is that it looks like all 4 films in the set are barebone disc with no extra... oh well...

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murder or not, let the video speaks for itself...

so here below are the footage taken by witness. several point of interest to consider:

  1. is it possible for the officer to pick up the wrong gun? he is supposed to be equipped with a taser on one side and a real gun on the other.

  2. if you use a taser gun to shock people, you have to be actually touch the person, but from the footage, u can see clearly that after he pulled the gun out, he moved up a bit and fired the shot from a short distance... what does it mean?

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Oakland protest, politicized or not?

People from the bay area have probably heard about the new year bart incident, in which a white bart cop shot an unarmed black man during a confrontation. at first, the bart police suggested that the man resisted arrest and was shot by accident, but then videotaped footage by passer-by witness showed that the unarmed man was lying on his stomach with no sign of resistence at all, an...Read more

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How many christmas cards did you get this year?

How many christmas cards did you get this year? I mean, paper one.. this year I got about 3, which kinda broke the lowest record again..  one is from an internet service i subscribed, another two are from some work connections, none from real friends... but then the number i actually mailed out was 0...

somehow i did make a xmas jpg card and sent to about 30~40 friends, but then I only received about 3~4 replies so far (i emailed a few days before xmas...)Read more

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Milk - probably one of the best films of the year

just saw "Milk", like it a lot, definitely one of the best of 2008...

i'll write more about it soon...

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Blow Job

Yeah, I know what you thought, but no, it is not what you wanna see.

The subject refers to Andy Warhol's short film "Blow Job" (aka Andy Warhol's Blowjob), basically it is a 35mins film of one single take showing the closeup of a man's face when he is supposed to be having the aforementioned service by a man...

Check an excerpt of the film here:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JytSZFL3_g&feature=related...Read more

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nice duck by president bush! hahahaha...

US President G.W. Bush forced to duck to avoid shoes thrown by iraq journalist...

check the video below:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwknittryFo

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