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little update about my...

little update about my:

recent work - casting and interviewing actors for my new short film, things are kinda slow since there're quite some irresponsible actors who skipped the auditions without notifying us...

recent purchase - i didn't actually buy anything during the black friday weekend, but instead placed my online order of dvd the week before, some of the stuff i purchased at discounted price are:

ingmar bergman: four master works (seventh seal, wild strawberries, virgin spring and smiles of a summer night (i wonder when i will have time to see these films....still have loads of dvd waiting to be opened...)

lord of the flies (60s one, great parable examining human nature)

deliverance (70s american classic, little slow but worth exploring)

the omega man (still waiting for the shipment..)


reeve's superman collection

blade runner: final cut

recent reading - the ancient ship (it is funny that i am reading an english copy of a chinese novel, while the book i read just before that was a chinese copy of "one hundred year of solitude")  the only reason to explain it is that i got both books for free....

recent tv - i never enjoyed watching tv, but somehow i just came across the japanese tv drama "galileo" and found it quite interesting and entertaining, but somehow after a few episodes it begins to look repetitive.. dunno..but stilll i look forward to the feature film version (which i think is gonna come out in hk soon)

recent comic - kindaichi shonen-no jikenbo - borrowed from friend, old stuff but still great..

recent emotion - negative, a lot of negative thoughts came to my mind and it seems everything is not right on track.. somehow i know you feel the same too..well.. 心情低落﹐你說你也是一樣...沒有辦法﹐再一次﹐用沉默面對失望吧...

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Jayson 93 2
Too bad about the irresponsible actors. I'd love to audition for your film but I'm in Hong Kong at the moment. Good luck with it.
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Don't forget your dream!

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