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Comments on TVB's coverage of HK Film Academy Award

I just saw HKFAA on tv, it's showing here on the tvb channel in sf too, first of all, i would certainly like to congratulate all the winners, especially best director, best actor and best actress, somehow i do feel "the way we are" was worth the best picture award more than "ip man", if a film won best director, best actress, best supporting actress and best screenplay, it is hard to believe it couldn't win best picture...

anyway, both are good films and it's more...Read more

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Who hate those stupid quizzes on facebook?

Do you think those quizzes on facebook are very annoying?

I really don't see the point of taking these stupid quizzes. It is perhaps fun to take one or two, but I really don't get it when people are taking these quizzes endlessly every day, even though they all know it is plain pointless. It is just as irritating as the 古惑仔 game before.

I mean, I don't really care if you like these quizzes, and perhaps it is really funny, but I am just so tired of seeing those quiz results of my friends ...Read more

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Top 10 Japanese directors of all time

Who do you think are the top 10 directors of Japanese cinema? I just finished reading a chinese book called "Top 10 of Japanse Cinema" (日本電影十大) and the authors picked 20 (yes the book title is top 10 but they actually listed the top 20) directors from the history of japanese cinema.

according to the book, the directors were chosen based on polls by several authoritative japansese cinema journals throughout the years, as well as the criteria set by the two authors. here below is the list with the master...Read more

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short film still in progress

another month has passed and i am still working on this short film. due to the bad weather earlier the month and also some scheduling conflicts, filming was delayed several times.

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seeing arthouse film online

Someone sent this website to me:


Once you sign up, you can access to their film library, although quite a lot of films require purchase, there are indeed some free films you can see (streaming), like bergman's virgin spring and fellini's la strada, yeah these films are free!

they mostly show art house film and from what i see now, they are still growing and hopefully there will be more and more films available...

...Read more
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A conversation with Kiyoshi Kurosawa

wow, just had a one on one conversation with renowned Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa today. It was really a nice and insightful conversation and Kurosawa san was definitely a friendly and faithful person.

I had talked to quite some Chinese directors and also Korean directors before, but this is the first time I was having an in-depth (not really in depth in a sense considering the time) talk with a Japanese director, especially an internationally acclaimed master, so it was really exciting and rewarding.

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short, relocation and a new career...

little update about my recent activity, i am still working on a narrative short right now.. scheduling are kinda driving me mad..other than that, it is fun and exciting...

a quick snapshot on the set (pic by carter)

after i finish this short film, i'll probably have a trip, i havent really planned out where i want to go yet, but i prefer to go back to hk for a while, an...Read more

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Einstein's head

this robot sure looks great, but on the other hand, i am just wondering if it is really right to re-create einstein's head that way?

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoBPkgjFIo4

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Hurray to Sean Penn for winning the oscar

Hurray to Sean Penn for winning the oscar, as i said before, his portrayal of harvey milk is definitely one of the best performance i have seen for a while... in fact i guess the last time i had similar feeling was almost 5 years ago when i was awed by the flawless performance by oldboy's choi min-sik...

slumdog millionnaire as the big winner is also well deserved. it is not a perfect film, but the director, actors and script have all done a good job..

the only pity is probably the lack of recogn...Read more

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Love is...

What are you guys going to do on Valentine's day? I hate it, for the obvious reason...

What is love? It is such a difficult question. Let's play a game and ask yourself this question and see how much you can answer.

Let me try first. Perhaps, love is...

placing someone on top of everything;

having someone on your mind every single moment of your life;


going to movies and dinners;

when you try very hard to get it, you fail, and for some people, they get it for reasons yo...Read more

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