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Confused not dazed...need help from u all...

Alright guys, help me out if u can...

here's the scenario....

A very distant relative of mine....that  really respects me as a relative and also as a drummer coz thats what that person is doing for a living now..

 born a girl but decided long ago to dress, act and be on the guys team...in short...TB...tomboy, SHIM,a girl that decided to play on the other team....whatever u wanna call him...her...

well, I have no problem with that nor am I being discriminating....but the truth is ,

I really don't know how to refer this person....Do I still call her a her? or a him....or is it Shim? she has a guys name, dresses like a guy, talks like one and hence is one....but everytime I try to give her/ him compliment to the people around me, I just find it hard to categorize her...

Am I gonna start referring her as a girl or a guy? thats my simple question....

help me out please...



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Just ask your relative how you should refer to them. If s/he is offended by that, it's not your problem.
over 15 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
She sounds like you're in a PAT scene from Saturday Night Live. I doubt she'll be offended either way. But it's best to introduce her as female in case any of your female friends starts crushing on her and only to be surprised later on.
over 15 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
Just ASK that person directly...best way..or just use the name if its too sensitive and u are being coward...hehe...and don't think too much about it.
over 15 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
I have some friends like her, they are as tough as guy mentally, some are even stronger than guys, or some guys are just faggot. anyway, talk & treat them like how you treat a man shld be fine i guess, and i think it is still a 'her'
over 15 years ago
Photo 40915
maybe ask her how she'd like to be addressed?
over 15 years ago
Jayson 93 2
Since she's a girl I think you should just refer to her as a girl. If she really doesn't like it I think she'll let you know and then she'll let you know what she would be prefer to be referred as. Hope this helps Junny.
over 15 years ago
Photo 33427
She's still a she. You're only a bloke if you got balls and a sense of reason.
over 15 years ago
i called all my TB friends as Handsome!!
over 15 years ago
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simple rule - people who go into the women's bathroom are she, people who go into the men's bathroom are he... (excluding peeping toms of course).
over 15 years ago


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