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Jun Kung
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Born In Hong Kong, Raised in Macau , Australia , California , NYC....Culture Shock is nothing new to me. Jun , also known as Junny which is short for Joventino Couto Remotigue J.R....I am a Juniour, to make life a bit less tongue twisting, Junny is what friends and family call me. My father is Full Filipino(Cebu), Mother is part Chinese, part Portuguese and part Mexican. I guess I am often misunderstood coz I know I can be intimidating. I guess I really don't bother explaining myself too much. I guess I express it better thru playing music. very cliche...... I play Music for a living and am neither undergound nor upperground.I guess my life is a contradiction to start with. I love playing music but also love singing and playing the bass at the same time and also, doing a million things at the same time....Love the attention but hate the gossip. Them 2 seems to always go hand in hand. Released 2 albums in 99 and 01, but soon got fed up with the canto pop lifestyle. Moved to Macau to focus on my craft and also erase the Pop-Idol image that was created for me from my previous Label.... I have always been involved in the Canto-pop business to pay bills and to cover my expenses doing creative/fun Music on the side.Like performing with my bands, "JUNK UNIT", Eugene & the "POWS" classic rock cover band. I love performing in front of people, I don't think I know how to do anything else. But if I could do it all over again, I would definately better myself,get a higher education and keep my day job ! Ever since the internet,the MusicBusiness is more conservative than it used to be, plainly coz albums don't sell anymore....Performing Live is what I do and what I know how to do, and is what people always go back to..live performances..... I just have a talent to persuade great musicians to play for me....hahaha...Thats better than going to school !!!! Friends are most important to me,Its not what I do, but the process of doing it.I am happy when I see people happy... My Musical quote.. " Less Is More "..... My Motto..."Ask and you shall recieve"... My Attitude......"convince me" My Love .....is far away from me My Music....just like me, Contradicting..Don't ask me how. My Work....phone calls, emails and a million and one meetings. My Car....Cruising in my old skool mini is my escape from everyone. My Family...Understands me but are hyper sensitive to everyone and everything.I love them to bits. My song..."Shout"-Tears for Fears My Dream...The day that money won't mean a thing.

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Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Portuguese
Location Hong Kong
Gender Male
English Name Jun Kung
Traditional Chinese Name 恭碩良
Simplified Chinese Name 恭硕良
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Hong Kong
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September 4, 2007