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Thank you guys for all the love and videos I'm getting from you about my @Clockenflap set, here's a nice one from @lukewcrawley! Loving the cross on my back too! #designouthere #electriqstage #clockenflap #clockenflap2016 #djmissyellow #missyellow #djlife #hkdj

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@dmaxhk thank you! I'm glad u enjoyed it!

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@JetlagandMayhem thank you! I'm glad u enjoyed it :)

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At the backstage

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Are you ready for Clockenflap? This is my first time to perform and I'll be playing on Nov 27th (Sun) from 6:00-7:30pm at Electiq Stage! I'm so glad to have my friend VJ Ferrous to perform live visuals mixing for my set! He is the founder of Design Outhere, he performs live visuals realtime mixing for a diverse range of projects since 2006 and just finished "Another Eason’s Live" World Tour and returning to Clockenflap this year again. I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!

你哋準備好去Clockenflap未呀?今年係我第一次演出,我將會喺十一月二十七號星期日下午六點至七點半喺Electriq Stage打碟!好開心仲會有我嘅好朋友V...Read more

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Listening to a live mix of mine 6 years ago for Fatboy Slim opening, I feel funny

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DJM 700 is annoying!

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What is your #dream? Photo by neonfavelas #dreambig #夢想 #做人如果冇夢想同做條鹹魚有咩分別呀 https://t.co/vousyZNBNR

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I wish he would play some of his classic :DDDDD

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Another dream is coming true, I'm gonna see @jimmyedgar IN REAL!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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