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What Dessert Are You?

You Are Cheesecake

Rich, sweet, and simply perfect.

You're not boring - you're just the best!

Was SOOOOOO BOred that i did this test....results are equally boring....:P


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Princess Hours (Gong)

Listening to Princess Hours soundtracks now....so nice :) Love them, and the show. Still deciding if i should use the song Crystal Flower for my banquet 1st dish or the other songs. Currently im using Crystal Flower as my handphone SMS tone =)

I guess a lot of gals should like the 'cuter' prince more, but i preferred the more tao looking one (aloof) elder prince, when i was watching the show...

So exciting...haha :p

mm...student coming to my house soon for 8pm lesson.

Today's training was ok, ...Read more

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July, busy month

Today is my busy day....start of July means that more classes would be delegated to me. Working from 2pm to 915pm on Mons. Now Sats, work will start at 10am instead of 2pm; Suns starts at 1045am instead of 12pm...more classes means more money since im commission based, but also means cannot sleep late on weekends anymore :(

Now will look fwd to even more to weds, thurs, my free days...

Today is a new class....wish me luck.



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Just watched transformers at 645pm, ended at ard 9pm including previews of other movies. Seems like a number of movies are coming up that look interesting, Balls of fury, Stardust, Harry Potter, and Die hard 4.

Initially didnt wanna watch transformers. Although i watched the cartoons while i was young, didn't feel very awed by wat i remembered. But coz of a gf who had very positive reviews on it from Multiply (net program), and our local mag 8 days described how much effort was put into it by the director, i guess it should be worth ...Read more

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yest's happenings

was down with sore throat yest.....resting in bed when my fiance sms-ed me to say he's coming to my house in the afternoon from work..i was like huh??? so good heh. Called him and told him i'd attempt to drive out for lunch nearby to meet him. My virgin drive alone was fortunately safe. Had lunch at Pastamania, then decided to check out prices for SK II series. Becoz GST (Goods and services tax) is going to increase from 5% to 7%, i tot better to buy exp items now rather than later. Since my fiance gave me Takashimaya (shopping ...Read more

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Waterspouts in Singapore


This one is taken at the estate just next to mine!!! At the east coast...but the indian commentary is a little amusing, no offence :)


This one is even farnier, Singlish...(Singaporean english). And both videos are taken at the beach just at my house front :PPP

25th May 2007.

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Wanna learn formal jazz

After watching Hiromi again on youtube, feel very inspired to take up jazz proper at Berkeley like her. Just that dunno wat are the credentials needed to get into the music sch, and details on scholarships...SIGHHHHHH. Anyway checked out the website, seems like info is closed for the season.

Would love to learn jazz properly, instead by ear only....best is from a super mentor hehe..my dream.

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photoshoot photos

Photos are up, but not the ones taken by photographer. They're taken using my own camera for fun yesterday during the shoot. Pardon the poor photography skills haha.

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Photoshoot done!

Tired man...but at least my wedding photoshoot is completed today :)

Tot i could sleep well last night but apparently not...dunno why the aircon was so hot last nite, plus me being hyped up perhaps..and at 545am i woke up to go toilet and couldnt sleep after that. After preparing to go off, we reached the bridal studio at 830am and guess wat, becoz they told us to be there at 9am, the shop was therefore still Closed! So we waited in my fiance's dad's car till the MUA (make up artist) arrived. It was raining...but i was not di...Read more

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It's the night before the photoshoot.

Did my french mani with 2 fingers with nail art and one coloured pedi for 2 hrs in the afternoon just now after my music classes. Felt sleepy. One student actually commented my nails were very long, and i explained to the mother that my photoshoot was tomorrow.

On Friday coloured my hair brown red with highlights at Shunji Matsuo.

Tot i wun be able to touch the internet coz of my nails, but using more of my tip of fingers to type now :p

Hope and pray that God will give me good we...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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