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My fiance's 1st car

He collected his new car today in the afternoon...it's not really my preference, but since it's his $$, i just let him decide. It's a yellow Honda Jazz with matching yellow and black seats inside. Reminds me a bit of transformer's bumble bee the yellow...Initially i was super against yellow, as i think it's "Beng" (a s'porean term)...last time when he was looking at cars, we were ogling at Mazda 3, i was ogling at mazda 8. He still likes peugeot as well due to the 'lion' symbol which happens t...Read more

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My 1st Samsung TV

My 1st Samsung TV just arrived today....bought it due to it being the last piece of a special price S$700+. Intended it for my future home :p



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Trade in stocks?

Mm...haven't been blogging lately. Still have not settled my last blog issue about the wedding leave. Coz Nov is not open yet for booking at the tour agency, until this Sat. So waiting for Sat, then would just book my Europe tour...

Just bought 15 lots of 2 kinds of shares via my dad...initially wanted to use my CPF (Central Provident Fund- old age/housing fund) to buy but couldn't find the acct no. in time, so bought thru him instead. 1st time buying shares, IPO-initial public offering is not counted although holding a good ...Read more

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bonus for fiance is out

Bonus is out for fiance, think he got the highest number of months i've heard among audit companies and my peers...That's good news not purely coz of additional money, but helps to ease a bit of the study loan that he owes his eldest sis, and some of the upcoming wedding expenses...

Feeling a bit blue and bored nowadays...although 2 of my comics are out. Finished one of them. Yest just resolved some issues with my fiance. Felt better. But i feel that i wanna do something more besides my current life which has lots of f...Read more

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James Franco

WOW a Real Hottie has arrived on this website. AnD Team, u ROCK! Managed to pull him in here...salute you. Yah!!! I was watching Spiderman 3 and i was getting sick of Tobey's whiney and yet egoistic character, and was telling my fiance how i prefer Harry....who is of course the hottie James Franco!!! Guess many gals will be swooning and swarming towards his direction in no time at all heh ;)

Anyway it's 413am and i have not slept so late for sometime. And i'm satisfied that i have taken 2 little steps of actions towards wat i...Read more

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Yes the above subject is my all time favourite food.

Tried the cheese fondue pizza by Pizza Hut yesterday. I LOVE the cheese fondue :P Pizza never tasted so good when dipped inside the warm melting cheese...

Previously bought those cheese fondues, Tiger brand for instance, available in supermarkets, they put brandy in it...it's too much alcohol in cheese for me, i prefer it much less or without. Pizza Hut's cheese fondue has no alcohol in it (save costs i suppose).

Part of the reason why i'm looking forward to go...Read more

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Argh It's Friday

Yeps, Friday to me is like Sun night to others, meaning Mon to others is like Sat to me...busy weekend work is here again.

ok finally got to read the chinese words at my fiance's place whereby the laptop has chinese word reader. Yay to all chinese all over the world. [See Dan Wu's blog for more details on the bombing of communism-track thinking] No offence intended for innocent parties from that country.

Anyway....just now my fiance wanted to go to Courts (furniture & electronic stuff, this branch more of elec...Read more

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Friends, check out Dan Wu's forums about this person who accuses Dan for not being able to read Chinese....Contribute if u want to, i was pissed, and i guess Rennie & Tin would understand the contributing factor why, hence i posted an entry. Actually i deleted some negative nationalistic remarks which might have some detrimental effects, hence u see my post was edited.

Anyway, watched Die Hard 4 yest, it's great~ And i didnt watch the rest of the Die Hard movies :P Anyway it beat Harry Potter this season hands down....Harry Potter&...Read more

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100 days to AD (actual day)

Does anyone know how to upload music for background of your profile page?

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Dad recovering~

My dad had an operation yesterday to remove an extra growth of bone at his left shoulder blade. He said due to carrying too much heavy stuff last time in Army. He has been working for many many years. From school teacher to army officer, to giving insurance talks to army camps then helping out his cousin in some security business...now finally retired. He's turning 66 this year.

He said now surgery is advanced, instead of cutting open, they just drill 2 holes into the shoulder, insert a 'video' thing to carry out the surge...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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