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Weird dream of AnD Ppl

Okie it's really weird...but i dreamt about Patrick and Andrew last night....quite strange...heh. Shall not divulge the details....:P

P.S ok details were exposed in

comments below ...

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You have been tagged~

I have been tagged by Peachey the following:

Write a blog with these questions and provide answers:

Fantabulous Friday meme

  1. What is the most fantabulous thing that has happened this week? Sending my lousily recorded, half cut away impromptu piano singing and playing to Eddie Doryuk and him giving me improvement points and commenting that he has studios only in HK and could let me do a demo recording when i feel i'm ready. (damn, why do i not live in HK??? Holiday to HK???)

  2. <...Read more
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Another impromptu recording cut off at 1:32

Again an impromptu singing and playing which is cut off at 1min 32 secs...:P sorry got photos inside my digital camera that i dun wanna delete yet. Will take time to do that.

Piano is louder than voice as i put it on my piano away from me...dun feel like showing myself in the video.

Here's Yu Jian from the movie Turn Left, Turn Right, sung by Stephanie Sun.



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Very impromptu piano recording of Curse of Golden Flower

Ok this was done very impromptu becoz Peachey suddenly asked if i knew how to play Curse of the Golden Flower in the shout box :p so at ard 2 plus am while my family was sleeping, did a very rough one, using my Sony Exilim digital camera....which had limited space left :P

Therefore it was Cut Off at 1min 32 secs...Please pardon the very rough playing while trying not to wake my family heh...

My gosh dunno wat happened to the previous uploaded one, had to re upload it again!!! it's 3...Read more

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Settling problem of evening gown

Sorry to bore all of you again with the gown issue.

But today my bridesmaid followed me to the bridal shop and saw the evening gown in actual view, she said that the colour was much brighter than taken in the photos. And could see the crystal detailings and said were nice.

Seamstress said that i lost quite a lot of inches so she'd be altering to be much tighter, and the top part will 'slice' inwards a bit to make the shoulder strap thinner...

Hopefully with all the alterations, better photo...Read more

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Decision to switch teadress with evening gown

After a night of being really upset...i think i'd use the white cheongsam as my actual evening gown...then the pink one will use it as a teadress instead.

Since banquet dinner wun have much time to change from wedding gown to 2 evening gowns...think this is the most prudent and practical thing to do. In the mean time would just alter both pink and white.

Comments pls?


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Mind is in a whirl now~

Afternoon finished my 1st parent teacher meeting session with 3 consecutive classes...it went well and the parents seem to like me and we built a rapport. Very glad and thank God for helping me. Tired while on the bus ride to church. But played piano and organ during mass as usual. Had dinner with family.

Came home to check out other brides' comments (from my country) on the gowns fitting photos i posted  on my multiply website. Was very very upset with the  comments. And now, im thinking to buy OTR (off the rack) evening ...Read more

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So excited

Just emailed some of my very impromptu music recordings to Eddie Dor Yuk, who's so kind to let me send him. Regretted not recording properly my better and nicer songs...Wonder what he'd say...

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Andrew visited and left a comment!!!

So happy to see Andrew again in my vistors profile....he's super nice.......prompt, talented, HOT and the list goes on....

Feeling ecstatic now hehe =)

In fact i remembered he was the 1st artist of Alive to hit my profile page, and now he's the 1st one to leave a comment. So honoured and happy.

Cloudz7 floating to Cloud 9~ hee

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Just finished watching Bishonen. It's 2.15am....realised Dan is always usually in policeman outfits. Fits nicely for him...and Terence was in it too. They seem so brotherly there as well as in real life. No wonder so close in Alive. No offence if u're taking it in another way. But i guess it seems natural for guys to be brotherly with each other. As long as the line is not crossed.

Seems like this genre is always taken with policemen outfits in HK shows...

Anyway, sad ending. Very appropriate title of the show. Would be catch...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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