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5th yr dating anniversary before our wedding

Today's our dating anniversary of 5 years together, before our wedding in Oct.

Collected the dry-cleaned cheongsam just now. Then went to see some furniture on the dressing table to be put in my fiance's room. Fiance then fetched me to classes, before going to the Courts Megastore at Tampines to look at more dressing tables...in the end he selected and bought a light off white wood dressing table for me without me choosing, b4 tat i said i trust his taste haha. Cost $480 including delivery....pret...Read more

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Jo Singing Karaoke :p

haha just came back from karaoke with fiance, here are snippets of my singing :PP

Feng Zhen (Part 1 and 2)-Sun Yan Zi



Shen Qi - Sun Yan Zi 


Dun la...Read more

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Collected individual wedding photoshoot photos~

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Jay Chou's Secret Chopin Etude No. 5 (1st song)

Thanks Lisa L. for sharing this excerpt, originally i learnt the etude last time, though it's not the one i frequently play (i play more of No.3), so need practice. And you saw that Jay Chou 'transposed' the song from F# major to G major. It's actually a cheap trick, he didn't actually do it solely himself, i saw through his trick today hehe...But at the end of the G major passage, he composed and modified the song himself and i managed to figure out roughly wat he played just now!! So h...Read more

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Red & White party-National Day

Last night's party group at my uncle's house...


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Isetan & Metro sales @ Tampines

Mm...after classes just now, went shopping with my fiance. He bought a nice pair of bermudas for $15 from the Isetan sales, i used my $20 vouchers to buy an SKII facial cleanser, net price $50. Then walked to Century Square to take a look at the Metro sales (last day). It was sooooooooooo crowded that when you walked in, the air was warm and stale....which made me feel slightly giddy, lack of oxygen. Came across this gold strapped with colourful jewelled shoes by Lucieno which i eyed before. Original price was $49.90, the ...Read more

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Story of The Proposal~

I realised i didn't tell the story of how my fiance proposed. Anyway he did it last year Aug, on the eve of his birthday. I actually booked the Equinox (top of former westin) to celebrate his birthday. Very nice bird's eye view at night especially...

I went to meet him direct at the restaurant after my church think it was a Sunday. We ordered ala carte. And they seemed scared that we were hungry, gave us quite a bit of bread b4 dinner. It was expensive but nice food. He had tenderloin and i had fish. We shared a glass o...Read more

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Sleepy now, woke up at 6 plus am and did 2 weeks worth of teaching plan. Student coming in later at 11am. Yest met up with the priest who's presiding my church wedding. He asked us to 'swear' by the Bible that we were telling the truth of whether we have not been married before, we were not pressurized into marriage, and for me, im supposed to bring up my children next time in the Catholic faith. Quite nervous when he asked us to put our hands on the Bible and vow. Then i realised my renewed Baptism Cert had 3 errors!!! Argh...coz after my ...Read more

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Dream of AnD again

K it's weird la, but dreamt of AnD ppl and some of my church choir friends as well...i can't remember the details of the dream. But i remember that Patrick and 3 fat ang mohs were sitting at a round table i dunno wat's the occasion either. But the setting seems like in the evening...

k weekend's over. will be giving out wedding invitation cards this thurs (National Day) at my uncle's place. Perhaps will post photos of the invites...see how hehe. Can't wait to collect soft copies of my wedding photoshoot next...Read more

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Booked Europe Tour Part 1

Booked my package tour just now thru CTC 12 days to Italy and Switzerland via SIA for S$3.6k. And that is before booking 3-4 days more extension to Paris...becoz CTC doesn't have these 3 countries, have to do homework and search the internet for accomodation and train rides from Zurich, Switzerland to Paris. Anyone has any idea which hotel is recommended for accomodation and good and cheap train rides to Paris from Zurich?

Actually i could have booked other cheaper ones, e.g. Dynasty Travel. But after hearing 2 bad revie...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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