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July, busy month

Today is my busy day....start of July means that more classes would be delegated to me. Working from 2pm to 915pm on Mons. Now Sats, work will start at 10am instead of 2pm; Suns starts at 1045am instead of 12pm...more classes means more money since im commission based, but also means cannot sleep late on weekends anymore :(

Now will look fwd to even more to weds, thurs, my free days...

Today is a new class....wish me luck.



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Thanks dearies, you're all so sweet... Came back from the new class today. It went well. One of the parent happened to be the finance manager of a company which i was an ex-auditor of! Small world....luckily nothing unpleasant happened before. I guess it's true, wat goes around, comes around...
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