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5th Sept 1.43am

Mm think didn't blog yesterday or so...

Am compiling questionnaires from parents' feedback for the meeting next mon now. Think it's like 52 days to my wedding and seems like a lot of nitty gritty and big stuff to tie and firm up....glad that my fiance has settled the church wedding invites, will be seeing them tomorrow hopefully. Will go shopping to Kalm's or some stationery store to buy Ang Pao Boxes and decorate ourselves...Guess need to list down the things to do

-Make Ang Pao boxes

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1st Sept holiday

Been eons since i had A holiday....coz busy doing make-up lessons on holidays, sacrificing my hols for my honeymoon hols. But today forced not to do make-up lesson so free.

Went out for Macs in the morning for breakfast with fiance and dined Al fresco with the fake waterfalls and real greenery ard us. I like the Al Fresco Macs. And guess wat? Met one of my music students there. I just got this feeling i'd meet a music student there...he and his sister were in the air con portion, but walked towards me just to say hi to me. i wave...Read more

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Album Layout by bridal boutique


For some bigger individual photos, see previous Blog.

For all photoshoot photos, see links


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Re-booked Europe tour with SA

Yesterday went down to ORQ to pick fiance up, then attempted to drive to the Ppl's park centre. Mi very blur, saw the website location also got CTC inside, so i tot was Ppl's park centre instead of complex. So was parking at the carpark next to the OG. Wah to my big surprise, the car park is by a lift system, whereby you drive your car inside the lift which transports u down to the carpark!! So interesting.....then i was thinking wa, stuck in the lift cham liao...guess i quite suaku, didnt know got lift for cars to carpa...Read more

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Pizza Crazy

Just finished one whole Totino's Pizza after microwaving the frozen one under pizza mode.....the box said By 17th Aug 07...so if anything happened to me, u guys know why hahahah....gosh so unhealthy and it's like 12.22am now :PPP Totally like throwing cares to the wind :PPP

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Jo plays jazz- Red Blouse

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QbEBmtw5wI hi, learnt a new song thru a youtube video :p so tried to play by ear...here's the attempt, without improvisation.

Below is the link which i heard the song again. 1st time i heard was thru the CD i bought, The very best of Lisa Ono, but i lost it :( luckily my fiance's sister have a copy hehe. But this time the video which sparked my interest to learn the song is this link

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Updates on wedding stuff

Hi since Asianchick100 asked how the wedding preparations are coming along, just a short update.

After my tiring session of lessons today, went down with Mr Cloudz to bridal boutique to check the wedding album layouts whether they made the changes according to wat we specified the last round. All seems fine, except small details like the sand 'copied' on to the next page is of a different direction as compared to the original photo with sand...but since it's cut by the centre fold, guess just let it be. Ok wun bor...Read more

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Jo playing modified Chopin's etude- Jay Chou's version

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOHVBhSrPTc Hi, found a spare wire charging component, so here's me playing by ear based on wat Jay Chou played during the piano duel in the movie Secret. Didn't really practise, so pardon my playing...

Here's the actual extract from the movie Secret

http://www.tudou.com/program...Read more

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Fiance's birthday

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-qS5wSHN7I Yesterday was my fiance's birthday. At midnight, gave him his present, Harley Davidson sunglasses, but they wrote as goggles...Guess it's more for motorcyclists to wear to block wind. Bought them so he could wear in the car when the sun is glaring and he could wear them at Switzerland too as i heard the sun is especially glaring on the snowy mountains.

After training, went home to rest a bit, and pr...Read more

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Jazz bossanovas-My Fav~

was looking at my own playing One Note Samba then found related links...found gems!!!

The Original Singer Antonio Carlos Jobim singing Girl From Ipanema with Andy Williams...!!!


And another link is i guess a collection of songs by Antonio...LOVE his songs for jazz...makes you feel like in a holiday mood at Tahiti, carribean beaches or some paradise areas....

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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