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Just watched transformers at 645pm, ended at ard 9pm including previews of other movies. Seems like a number of movies are coming up that look interesting, Balls of fury, Stardust, Harry Potter, and Die hard 4.

Initially didnt wanna watch transformers. Although i watched the cartoons while i was young, didn't feel very awed by wat i remembered. But coz of a gf who had very positive reviews on it from Multiply (net program), and our local mag 8 days described how much effort was put into it by the director, i guess it should be worth watching.

The robots and cars are real cool and neat. Another reason for guys to go is to see the pretty gal (dunno her name tho); sorry gals, the boy is just a boy :P heh. But anyway, the robots and cars are The Eye Candies in the show, and the director managed to emote the characters thru the robots pretty well. Some side observations: there's this really lame part about advertising Visa credit cards in the movie-the military man (oh yah he's cute) needed to inform Pentagon or the authorities about the evil bots (decepticons i guess?) and was trying to call thru an operator. And the operator refused to put him thru unless he has a credit card.....and he had to ask another soldier who was currently fighting the decepticon for a Visa...and the operator asked issit Platinum or something?!?! i mean that is so DUH....        Another observation: saw i think KPMG and my fiance's company Deloitte & Touche, and Citigroup while the bots are flying and fighting...dunno if they sponsored the show as well or just mere coincidence.

Anyway, it's worth watching, given that mi initially was totally not interested in going for the show.

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yep yep, 8 days mag described how loyal fans of transformers were complaining that the car brand is not the original brand, becoz of product placement. But i think the cars look pretty sleek.
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27th Oct. Why?
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