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yest's happenings

was down with sore throat yest.....resting in bed when my fiance sms-ed me to say he's coming to my house in the afternoon from work..i was like huh??? so good heh. Called him and told him i'd attempt to drive out for lunch nearby to meet him. My virgin drive alone was fortunately safe. Had lunch at Pastamania, then decided to check out prices for SK II series. Becoz GST (Goods and services tax) is going to increase from 5% to 7%, i tot better to buy exp items now rather than later. Since my fiance gave me Takashimaya (shopping center) vouchers, i decided we should go Orchard to use the vouchers and purchase the SKII masks. 1st time driving to so far from home, with fiance as my passenger. Everything was ok, except at 1 pt roads diversion was confusing, luckily chose the right routes. But when going round the bend towards Takashimaya, i was on the right lane, and i needed to move to the left. Signalled left and tried to squeeze in before it's too late. Then got HONKED loudly by a Merc behind and like a domino, another car also horned. :P Didnt intend to cut in, but no choice. So went to the dept. to buy SKII for S$84 after using my $30 vouchers; went to Kinokoniya (my fiance's fav haunt place) to look at his magazines, and comics. Bought a comic new series 1st bk (those gal love trashy kinds). Prices have increased from S$5 to S$5.50. Sigh. Had tea at Central (HK cafe), take-away dinner and drove home on the expressway (East Coast parkway) to home. Just glad that the journeys to and fro were safe hehe.

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hee thx angela :) bought Pi Pa Gao yesterday too
almost 17 years ago
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oic...Taka (for short), the space and name is quite big and prominent in Orchard Rd.
almost 17 years ago
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hee thx peachey...yeps s'pore ppl are always in a rush...
almost 17 years ago


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