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Sunday's over

Haven't posted anything in a few days heh...anyway swamped with classes as you know, on my weekends. Taking them in stride now. Not so ultra tiring, just tiring.

Finally gotta try the donuts from Donut Factory, which has a perpetual looooooong queue everytime i pass by. The queue is broken up into 3 sections so as not to block the 2 passage ways...imagine that. Many times ppl tot the queue is only in the 1st row and when ppl inform them, they turn ard and see the sub sections of the queue, their 1st reaction is to walk away...Read more

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Viewed photos finally

Yesterday night 12th July went down to the bridal studio to view the PS (photoshoot) photos. Initially wanted to have a light dinner, but ended up we went in to view 1st without dinner at ard 6pm plus. Fiance told me to view the photos 1st as he walked from office to the studio.

Held a thick stack of photos, fiance recalled was 190 over...and that was after elimination by the photographer for photos which we blinked etc. Actually i wanted to view those too, but too bad, it's not in the stack. Good and bad. Good is becoz in t...Read more

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random stuff

Had training for the book 2 of the course im teaching today. Fiance was on MC so we had time to go down to the hotel for our wedding banquet to settle stuff- selected the design for our wedding cards (having 2 different kinds of colours of the same design: dark gold and fuchsia), design for our guestbook and the wedding favours (which i chose 2 also).

Currently busy typing out the whole mass for our church wedding...so busy...found the entrance song from a US bk that my friend lent me. Also found the responsorial psalm which my bro is mo...Read more

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Looking fwd to Thursday

Survived my classes on Sat & Sun...:P Nosebleeding everyday....too heaty again.....

My right eye is not reacting well to my contacts again sigh

Looking fwd to my break this week....and Thurs will be viewing my actual photoshoot photos, really anticipating to see how they'd turn out....

Wonder how am i gonna survive every hectic weekend. Tired

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1) Earth Day

2) 777 couples got married today in Singapore.

3) 7 is God's no. and incidentally my fav. no. hence the 7 at the end of my nick, if you haven't noticed by now ;P

Survived the 6 classes today...5 more tomorrow, and 1 at night on Mon after the individual students...throat is not in good condition...Fiance is still working till now!!!! ARGH. He's an auditor, which was my ex-job. U get my point why i quit...



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View from my bedroom

These 2 photos are taken from the window of my bedroom...all the bedrms, balcony and kitchen faces the sea. Currently there are proceedings of enbloc...hope good wi...Read more

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6+6 new classes to teach

July as i mentioned in my previous blog is a busy month...before that i had 6 group classes, now i have an additional 6 more classes to teach tomorrow onwards...Sat and Sun will be super swamped with work. Just hope i can switch easily to different classes/courses this weekend...will be super drained by then :PP God help me...Amen. heh


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My bungee jump experience

Since someone asked me about it, i might as well blog about it :PP

DId it at batam (Indonesia), it was 135 feet high. They asked you if you wanna dip into the sea-water, i said no. They used this crane to lift up a container which you stand on (open-air). Then after a certain height, the person will count to 3 and you jump.

When i jumped, i didn't scream...i was paralysed with fear, felt very vulnerable, nothing to hold on to, my life was in God's hands...but felt relieved after the tug at the string. Was 15 ...Read more

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Cafe Oliv

Food review 4/5 stars; copied and pasted from my Multiply :P

It's a relatively new eatery, located between Jago Close and my church-Holy Family at Katong. Heh realised im always blogging about food :P

Usually go there on Thurs (my free day) for lunch with my younger bros. Drove there :) Today had foccacia bread with beef tenderloin, ben my youngest bro had beer battered fish. Both came with salad and potato wedges. Ordered Creme brulee for dessert, it came warm with a strawberry on the top. Today, dessert was half price, not su...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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