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Bittersweet -Part I Benny the Bull

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First Time Director's Award!

I am certainly very honored to receive the First Time Director's Award for 600at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival.


I'm especially proud after going to the film festival and watching the films that were selected for this film festival. The films the programmers selected were all not only extremely well put together but really creative as well. I went and watched...Read more

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Indie Life

     Lots have happened since my last entry here, damn... things are moving real fast; it almost feels surreal. I wanted to take a moment today and flush out this introspective moment I feel at this moment. So here it goes:

    For people who aren't in this industry, it's hard to fathom the difficulties of this lifestyle of independent filmmaking. Most of us all work jobs to make $$$ and spend most of our time working on our "dreams". Usually, over time, that dream withers away as we all grow older and have families and ...Read more

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Final Cut!

    Trying to move on from Drowning has been a pretty painful process. The film took 9 months of my life, and now I want to be able to concentrate on my next project, but I can't because this baby isn't 100% finished. By finished I mean in a DVD case with nice menus and buttons when you pop it in your dvd player. The film JUST finished as of today when the sound mixer sent me the final files I need. The actual finalized film will be completed later tonight when I am at my editor's house putting the music and sound/dialogue tracks and ...Read more

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Busy Bee

I haven't been updating much because I've been busy like a monk. ey. All the hectic traveling: DC 2 weeks ago(I was there for a week), and LA seminar last weekend, and now finally getting final mix for Drowning this weekend plus publicity stuff and film festivals and all this other craziness.....

Let me back up:

  1. DC Indie Film Festival- Had a great reception, met some cool cats, learned a lot from the seminars they gave out(especially the legal one), and had a good time roaming around DC w/my buddy Mike and producer Seh...Read more
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Two Hands Very Tired

     I'm seriously freaking tired... I had a corporate shoot today, got up at 6am, got done around 4pm, then went to one of my editor's house to work on some stuff until 8pm. On the way driving home, I thought I was gonna pass out due to the long drive, so I pulled over and took a nap, and now I'm home working my Uptake job. Sometimes I question if all this hardwork is worth it, but I consider these moments of weakness and doubt that we all have in ourselves when the going gets tough. A little bit of doubt and weakness is alw...Read more

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New Website Now Up!

Hey Ya'll,

Phase I finished for my new website, please check it out:


Fresh with new 2009 Showreel!

Please help link to it if you got a website, thanks!

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Cali Finally Showing Some Love! & also DC Love!

Wowsers, finally!

I always complain to my producers and film buddies that I get love everywhere else but never get any from California as far as film festivals go. I would go on to complain that I would like to be in a film festival where my buddies can go too, u know? Well, FINALLY! It's happened! the Lord is good... alas! 11th California Independent Film Festival. My dad actually went to this a few years ago and told me about it...Read more

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Tommy & His Black Beemer

     I had a childhood friend... let's call him Tommy,  I met up with Tommy a while ago during Christmas, and in the midst of all the partying, he told me this sincere story about him and his old car. Tommy was your typical Asian guy who was really into cars back in the days. Difference between Tommy and those other Asian guys is that Tommy didn't do it to be cool; his dream was to be a drifter. Most Asian guys in high school are all about being cool and thus the cool cars to impress the ladies, but Tommy wasn't about...Read more

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DVD Release + New Website Almost Ready!

Lots of big things for me in the next month: DVD release of 600 + Drowning together onto One DVD! Here are the near-final DVD covers for both films, I will combine both DVD front covers for the duo-film DVD release:

Almost done, just need to add some credits on back cover!

Read more

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