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James Z. Feng
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"Passion, Hardwork, Perseverance."

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Actor/rapper turned indie filmmaker(writer/director/producer), I'm all about passion and hard work in everything I do. I hustled in college (starred in 20+ student/indie films in 2 years) and went on acting in China for two more years. After that experience, I felt I wanted more out of life than just being an actor. That's when I started writing my first short screenplay -600- and simultaneously learning the craft of film making. After we finished the film a month later, to my surprise, the reception to -600- was incredible and everyone there encouraged me to keep pursuing film making. I went ahead and followed my heart and returned to the USA after some health issues to learn more about film making before preparing to head back to China in 2009. I believe if I put in enough sweat and tears, it'll amount to something one day. In this life, through passion, hard work, and perseverance, anything is possible. You just gotta believe in it. I believe.

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Languages Spoken english, mandarin, shanghainese
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"Passion, Hardwork, Perseverance." Http://www.JamesFeng.com Http://www.fightlife.tv


english, mandarin, shanghainese
San francisco, United States
July 4, 2007