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going to LA/Sd in few weeks, holla back!

Lately I have been filming my own film “Drowning” for the past few weeks. And we are mostly done with the filming. This week I have been filming for another film “By Morning”acting as a Yakuza bodyguard  for a film by a local director here in SF. And after a few weeks, I will be going down to(driving down April 17th, be there for 2-3weeks) LA/SD to start another film “the High Tower” in which I will portray a long-time Chinese gangster as one of the main roles of the film. After writing/producing/directing “Drowning” ...Read more

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Finally Updated

Spent all day yesterday fixing this up and the days before that fixing the showreel up, now it's all done.So check it out: JamesFeng.comdid our first day of shooting for "Drowning" on Monday and i think it went well, gonna have to do audio in post and all ADR, but that's ok, i dont mind, as long as footage looks good, waiting to hear from editor. This Sunday is the big shoot, gotta get ready for that... heart beat...

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Years of Hardwork

After years of hard work and numerous films(good and bad ones, amateur and professional ones), I can finally say I can start working on a showreel. A showreel is basically you use as your selling tool to market yourself as an actor. I've finally done enough and got enough photos and film footage to do probably a 90 second-2 minute showreel, point is to show what u look like on screen and also if u got any acting chops and diff. range if u got any. Still waiting for some good footage from 2 other films: If It Could Have(1.5 years ago, st...Read more

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Do-it-all-guy sucks

Yesterday went w/actors, and photographer/DP to our location to do some test shots, and damn... it was freezing as hell and I brought David(10-year old) who will play a little brother version of our main character, it was good experience but it was so windy and cold. And afterwards we went to the restaurant we plan to shoot our film in for a sequence and we asked waitress if we can use the place, she called her boss and they ok'ed it! so WIN! We are going to go there maybe weekend and shoot this thing really late at night(place closes...Read more

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Vote 4 Me

http://www.ktsf.com/en/programming/tvstar.htmlThis is for our local KTSF 26 that's looking for some hosts for certain programs they have, so I went and auditioned, i did my audition, then they told me they wanted me to do one in chinese, so I had to improv something right off the bat, and that was the one they showed on this website. hahaha, i had fun.vote for me! thanks in advance!

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Fully Loaded

1st draft of scrīpt done, and now time to revise... and i tell people imma shoot this film in 2-3 weeks... i think i might take a few days to revise this and then get ready to just cast people in this film b/c i want to see this thing off ground. So far:Completed:-built steadicam(fixed problem too b/c of incorrect instructions from website for some components, website jacked me)-1st draft(sent to peepz and gotten feedback)-Scout location for:1 location(damn, need to get more done)-Secured music composer(my buddy JC)-camera secured(friend Mike...Read more

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arrested development

 Just had a photoshoot gig for Kaiser this past weekend, nice and painless. Had a good catered lunch, did the photoshoot, was back in time for the superbowl. I think people take it for granted how easy gigs are here in the states given how good the conditions are and how well people take care of actors here. So in a way it's a blessing to work here.   Development on the film I'm writing: almost got arrested. Went to location scout today and do some photoboards with my D.P.(director of photography) Adrian, one of James Shih's ...Read more

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Harsh Reality

Having settled here in Shanghai for almost a year now, and seeing the entertainment industry and how things are done... it's sad. Esp. for females. And I see there's no passion in the filmmakers, and the films and tv series are hollow as hell, I can't stand it. So many fake ass mothafuckers who act like wannabes and try to squeeze some cash through "art". I got this frustration within me, and now I've used it in a positive direction by studying my ass off and making my own films. I studied acting in college, and also w...Read more

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