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Cali Finally Showing Some Love! & also DC Love!

Wowsers, finally!

I always complain to my producers and film buddies that I get love everywhere else but never get any from California as far as film festivals go. I would go on to complain that I would like to be in a film festival where my buddies can go too, u know? Well, FINALLY! It's happened! the Lord is good... alas! 11th California Independent Film Festival. My dad actually went to this a few years ago and told me about it when I was in China, that'll be awesome that he can get in this year and watch my film on the big screen....  Every kid's dream right? jp.

"Dear James,Your film “ ”has received acceptance into the 11 th Annual California Independent Film Festival – Bay Area Showcase slated for April 16 th – 19 th 2009 in Livermore California(15 minutes from my house dawwwggg, WIN!!!) "Other Festivals News:Drowning will make its world premier at the DC Independent Film Festivalin Washington DC March 4-15th. Flying out to DC(I've never been there) in March, very exciting, will be there for 2 weeks in March, and also gonna sit in on a panel w/some politicians and talk about filmmaking, whoooo hooo!!! Anyone coming? Any homies in DC chilling like a villain? I know economy's bad right now, any jobless homies in DC, hit me up!

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YAY!!!!!!! see how things work out when left in God's hands? oh by the way you have a fan in Miami too... does that count? lol keep it spinnin :D
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