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Vancouver Here I come!

Just got notified acceptance into Vancouver Asian Film Festival! Craziness! November 6th-9th, a few weeks right after my Austin stop. Anyone gonna be in Vancouver during those dates? hit me up, I'll be there! I would love to meet up w/my Canadian homies. Btw, very busy lately... more updates coming once I get done with a few things. =)

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Looking for MMA fighters

Hey all, I'm currently looking for real life mixed martial arts fighters(any level, as long as they are pursuing mixed martial arts and goal is to fight a real official fight) to audition for a project, if any of you guys know people who fit this profile, please send me their contacts, I really appreciate it, thanks so much!  

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Trying to Grow

     Been real hectic these last few weeks!>3 jobs (1 full, 2 PT) + studying/learning filmmaking + publicity for "Drowning" + Hiring web guy to redo my website + helping friends w/projects = busy!!! I must say that right now this journey I'm experiencing is probably what most people who want to make movies go through. I read up some books recently about famous directors and how they made their first movie. Ang Lee's story was pretty sad, he was like a hyped up director fresh out of NYU, and then 6-8 years of "developm...Read more

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Two in a row, going to Texas!

More surprises! Two in a row! Looks like I will be going to Austin, Texas!  Anybody in or from Austin, Texas? I'll be participating in the  Austin Asian American Film Festival - October 9-12th!

Hello James,

My name is Masashi and I'm the director of theAustinAsian American

Film Festival(October 9-12th, 2008). I am writing to let you know that this year, we had our largest number of film submissions with over 270 amazing entries from around the globe.  Within the last few weeks, our dedicated prog...Read more

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MDK photoshoot

    Yesterday in SF.

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A little surprise

I gave up on "600" after I got like the last 8 rejections, it's nice that we got accepted into something =). I know "600" isn't a real complete film since it is so short and the ending is a bit abrupt, but I thought the style and the voice of the film would give it some recognition due to its raw energy. shrug, my composer Jesse and I discussed taking some cuss words out of the film so that it would be more festival friendly, but our conclusion was that it would take away from the real spirit of "60...Read more

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Thanks guys! Can't believe you saw Kung Fu Killer on Spike TV

hahaa. I totally forgot the film I did in China last year was on Spike TV today "Kung Fu Killer" while I was out w/some friends, but I had it DVRed, so it was all good. I was very surprised that people saw it. Thanks for the text messages and IMs people sent me telling me that they saw the film, I appreciate that. =)

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I am now blogging for CNreviews.com which is a site about Chinese/U.S. culture and trying to introduce Chinese culture to the American audience, read this following article I just wrote, it is HILARIOUS:http://cnreviews.com/chinatravel/shanghainightsdatingdiaryofalegendaryexpatmattresswrestlerRead more

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Back in "theatre" again

I didn't think I'd be back doing theatre again but an opportunity came and I took it. Instead of the acting, I took up a  directing opportunity for a 24 hour theatre festival(write,direct,act out a real show within 24 hours) for Roundbelly Theatre located on Shattuck in Berkeley. Got there at 5:30am and started looking at the scrīpt the writer wrote and started discussing some immediate changes I wanted to make to the scrīpt before the actors got there. The scrīpt was probably one of the craziest whacko things I had ...Read more

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