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Done With Raspberry Magic

     Just finished crewing on a new indie film titled Raspberry Magic, written & directed by Leena Pendharkar, produced by Megha Kadakia(both nice and warm people, ya'll reading this? lol), and shot by my friend Jeffrey Chu with THE RED! For the past 20 days, we shot 12+ hours for 6 day straight with one free day every Tuesday. A feature film shot in 20 shooting days is quite the daunting task. And it definitely brought back memories from the China production days. Read more

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Beijing and NY Film Festival Screenings - 600

If you are in New York on January 2nd or Beijing in March 2009, please checkout the following film festivals! 600 will be showing at both film festivals, please go out and support if your in the area, thanks! I really wish I can go, but I have to save $$$ to use on my current project. 

Beijing International Film Festival Week - March 2009

New York Newfilmmakers Film Festival - Jan...Read more

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Helping people... now that we are older...

I use to enjoy helping people, I guess when I was younger, the thought of an opportunity to do the world some good plus building a stronger bond with another person was the most awesome idea... Now it seems like everybody that you don't know who ask for help are just about using you to get what they want. And then when you see other people get burned and situations where helping someone can get you into trouble, you start being guarded and questioning if you should help them at all... and then you ask yourself &...Read more

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Just a little bit more...

     I'm sitting here wondering what's going on. Every single detail of everything that I want to accomplish... clouding my mind so that I can't remember what I was suppose to focus on. Finish Drowning, finish showreel, work on documentary, get ready for Raspberry Magic which is shooting in a week, I tell myself : "just a little more, a little bit more effort and your there." I'm burned, mind is frying from all the small things i have to accomplish in order to finish the big one. It's 3am again and I am...Read more

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Swimming in Film Festivals

     Besides working and making $$$ to cover my expenses for film festivals, all I have been focused on is finishing Drowningand getting it out there. Since it is 95% finished, so I've already started sending rough cuts out to film festivals. It's a lot of work:  burning DVDs, making dvd covers(I wish I was in China, then I can hire someone and do all this for me),  signing up for film festivals(EXPENSIVE! avg. film festival costs $30, and if I do about 30 eac...Read more

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"600" Poster #1 DONE! Finally!

Finally clamped down and spent a whole night until 8am working w/my graphics designer Fiona on finishing up what we started on the poster for 600. I am satisfied and like it, but who knew it'd take this long to get done w/a poster. So many layers in PS and working w/everything, man, a lot of work, but quite gratifying to have a final product. Probably gonna use this for DVD cover as well even though we'll have another poster out soon.
Read more

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East vs. West

     It's been a while since I've watched Asian films. Ever since I came back, most films I've watched here have  been mostly American fims. I got my steady diet of Asian films while I was in China. In order to familiarize myself with traditional filmmaking technicalities/aesthetics, I've turned to Hollywood films since most studio films are all made the same way. Tonight, I had the pleasure of a throwback and watching one of my all time favorite films in the world in Suzhou River. I started talking about this film as well as Mi...Read more

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1st time getting jacked... by an independent film..

    Usually the topic of indie filmmaking brings me excitement and joy! Even though most indie filmmakers(non to measly budgets) are amateurs and aren't too familiar w/making films; IT'S OK! Even though acting on these sets is usually a bit more tedious/chaotic than most professional sets due to lack of organization and experience, I LOVE IT! I usually embrace these environments and do everything I can to help; it's like a family environment.

    However, I can't say the same thing a...Read more

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Austin Asian-American Film Festival Day 1 in Texas

I’m in Austin, Texas ya’ll!!! I’m currently at the Austin Asian-American Film Festival, if ya’ll in the area, come by Saturday for my film’s Read more

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"600" Poster, which one?

Just came out, this is 1st draft, still needs some work I think. I'm thinking about going with one of these as the DVD cover. Digging it? 

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