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     Lots have happened since my last entry here, damn... things are moving real fast; it almost feels surreal. I wanted to take a moment today and flush out this introspective moment I feel at this moment. So here it goes:

    For people who aren't in this industry, it's hard to fathom the difficulties of this lifestyle of independent filmmaking. Most of us all work jobs to make $$$ and spend most of our time working on our "dreams". Usually, over time, that dream withers away as we all grow older and have families and have to focus on other things. I always remember the faces of older crew when I talk to them at corporate shoots and remember they once had dreams and aspirations too. When I tell them about the projects I'm currently working on, their faces light up and it's like they are wishing they were right there with me here in the trenches. I'm sure memories are touched upon and they remember old times when they duke it out with this thing we call life and lived freely. I look at those faces and see people that are just make a living to support their families; passionless. I vowed to myself that if I don't make it, I will quit this business.

    At this moment, I look around and see what I have accomplished, and I see how many people have given me their passion, time, support, hard work, labor, heart. I feel like I am truly blessed. Most filmmakers like to complain what we don't have due to the difficulties of this path, I want to focus today on what we DO have and the things we take for granted. From my learnings, I read about stories how filmmakers make it big and then forget all the people that helped them... and the way money changes these strong friendships that were built on nights sharing your dreams together. I look at what I have now, and I have to really appreciate this time in my life right nowwhen I have people working hard for me because in their hearts they believe in both me and my vision. It's true that one day may come when I won't have this anymore. It's true one day I may not even be friends with these people anymore. I've experienced enough of life to know that one day you can love someone so much that you'd give your life, only to forget them over time... Time changes everything, including people, and that's the sad reality of life. Ideally, I'd love to grow together with my crew and make money and be successful together. But before time flashes by any further, I want to enjoy this moment right now and truly thank everyone who have chipped in on this journey to fulfill our vision.    

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
yup, totally agree. if you aren't having fun, do something you enjoy.
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