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Busy Bee

I haven't been updating much because I've been busy like a monk. ey. All the hectic traveling: DC 2 weeks ago(I was there for a week), and LA seminar last weekend, and now finally getting final mix for Drowning this weekend plus publicity stuff and film festivals and all this other craziness.....

Let me back up:

  1. DC Indie Film Festival- Had a great reception, met some cool cats, learned a lot from the seminars they gave out(especially the legal one), and had a good time roaming around DC w/my buddy Mike and producer Seher. We had some good times there, and met up with my first ever gf from middle school(that was a very surreal experience). Had great korean bbq w/friend from college, thanks for the treat Jen! DC is a great city with its own flavor, I like it a lot. The most awesome public transporation they call the "metro", it puts BART to shame. It runs until 3am. We went on a night hunt looking for homeless people to freestyle battle at night. 

Chopping with a nice lady that loved the film, +1 fan.

Talking about Drowning's process + cultural implications of the film.

Picture w/a fellow filmmaker Yi.

  1. LA seminar last weekend rocked! Big thanks to the Karin and Karen for hosting this great seminar for indie filmmakers like myself. 

  2. Film festival- Oh boy, gonna have to cough up another few g's for the upcoming months for submission fees and attending... oh i can't wait... gotta sell some DVDs!

Anecdote of the month:

Finding Homeless to freestyle battle in DC One night while waiting for the metro, I saw a homeless guy listening to some music and was rapping, I had this idea that I wanted to go rap with him. The next day, my friend Mike arrived in DC to support me at the festival and I told him about this homeless rapper. We came up with the idea of finding homeless people in DC to freestyle battle and record on video. It would benefit everyone because we were going to give them money and sandwiches in exchange to allow us to videotape them freestyle battling me. We went around EVERYWHERE that night to look for potential candidates but could not find anyone. It was hilarious because a few times I had to stop Mike from going up to people because he did not realize they weren't homeless people. LOL it was the funniest thing ever, it'd go like this:

Mike: Right there! Dude, it's a couple, this is perfect, you never see homeless couples together like this.

Mike walks toward them about to ask them

I quickly run to stop him before he gets out the question

Me: Dude, they are not homeless people, what's wrong with you?

Mike: Oh, oops, my bad... laugh

We were unsuccessful that night largely due to the rain and went home defeated.

I've always been intrigued in the homeless lifestyle and plan on one day making a film about it.

We spent the rest of the night looking on youtube for videos like "bum dates" and other videos focused on the homeless lifestyle. I saw some very interesting videos on youtube that attempted to find out the lifestyle of the homeless including one where this guy followed around a homeless guy for a whole day. It's interesting, but I think their stories can be told in a great and more creative way.

Anyways, I gotta get back to work, peace.

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