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Two Hands Very Tired

     I'm seriously freaking tired... I had a corporate shoot today, got up at 6am, got done around 4pm, then went to one of my editor's house to work on some stuff until 8pm. On the way driving home, I thought I was gonna pass out due to the long drive, so I pulled over and took a nap, and now I'm home working my Uptake job. Sometimes I question if all this hardwork is worth it, but I consider these moments of weakness and doubt that we all have in ourselves when the going gets tough. A little bit of doubt and weakness is always good in keeping our egos in check. 

     I will be heading to Washington DC this Thursday for the DC independent film festival, and then LA next weekend, oh man... a lot of traveling ahead. It'll be fun but also nerve wrecking since it's the first time "Drowning" will be screening in a movie theatre. I'm waiting to see how i'll feel when my film is finally on the big screen for the first time. All the endless driving, working on my film during the past 9 months, finally amounting to something... sigh it's about time all that hard work gonna pay off!

 It's always funny to chase after something not knowing if you'll succeed or not, but you do it with so much blind faith and passion that you forget everything else, including failure. I think I'll be real proud in a week or two when I have the final DVD sitting there right in front of me, DONE! I can't wait for that day... then i'll finally have closure to this chapter and can move on. OK, back to work, gotta go make that dough to support all this, dreams ain't cheap.

"You do what you gotta do, no matter what that is..."

                                                               Jimmy, Drowning

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sounds great man ! u will be successful dude
almost 11 years ago


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