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Old School

I was originally planning to putting on a few films tonight, but instead, I was busy planning for this week and next week. And during this process, I started to putting on old school jams from WAY back in the days. Days from middle school/ high school/college. Craig David's 1st album, Lauryn Hill, Miles Davis (Time After time-always gives me goosebumps no matter how many times I listen to it), Linkin Park's 1st album, Mya f/Silkk the shocker(Moving on), Brian McKnight, Babyface, India Arie, Incubus, Goo Goo Dolls, Ginuwine, R. Kelly(Heaven...Read more

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"600" - my 1st short film


After coming to Shanghai on a college-graduation trip with two college buddies, Terrence decides to stay. All the partying, beautiful girls, and good food convinced Terrence this was the place to be. Supporting himself through odd jobs and teaching English, Terrence is having the time of his life.

We fast-forward seven years and Terrence is still an English teacher in Shanghai without much of a career. At the crossroads of his life, Terrence is having a midlife crisis and debating future options a...Read more

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Teaser for "Drowning"- my 2nd film


This story is about Calvin, the son of a controlling single mother and the best friend to a loving big brother. Then tragedy. Left alone with his mother, Calvin struggles to reclaim the purpose he previously set out for his life. Nine years after his brother's untimely death, Calvin must now make a conscious choice: Pursue his dream as an artist or become a shadow of his mother's expectations. With an ending sure to shock, this film is about anyone who has ever dared to d...Read more

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Destination: Moon

 I'm turning 25 and it's time to do some looking back. Especially the past few years and also to see where I am going. So, let's see: After college, I said I'd give acting a shot and try 2 years and see where that takes me. Well, plans change, right? now I'm writing/directing and still acting, and I think my time is just about up. 2 years is up and what does it look like right now? Let's see: Acting is alright, got some stuff under my belt(tho everyone tells me I'm on a very fast track and done real well for 1st ...Read more

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an old familiar feeling

I remember when I first started in sales, it was the summer of my sophomore or jr. year in college. And u know sales, everyone thinks they are good at sales! I was back in Norcal for the summer and took on this job that turned out to be a scam and illegal operations, a lot of people may have heard of this. Basically we had to go door to door sales to businesses selling credit card processing and machines too. So I would go into your mom/pops business(anything that wasn't a big corporation) and convince you our rates are cheaper an...Read more

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Please checkout NEW trailer for "Drowning"

Hey all, please take a minute to checkout our new trailer for "Drowning" :Drowning Trailer Thanks everyone!

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Finished SHooting!!!

Shooting "Drowning" Complete

        Been rather low-key with my "Drowning" even though it's my baby, not too much talk about it, i think this is my attempt to see my true potential at filmmaking on my own. I don't have much help on this film except for my DP(director of photography), unlike "600" i didn't want everyone helping me and doing everything for me. I wanted to struggle on my own and learn everything through this process: lighting, makeup, storyboards, building sequences, workin...Read more

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Living that hard knock life!

working on my 2nd film and now just waiting while it's in post, http://jamesfeng.com/drowning.htm  <--here is a lil teaser, not a trailer, just a lil teaser. Can't believe all this hectic life and all that's happened within last few years of my life with going to China, living there, and then now coming back, and lots of decisions to make. Filmmaking, acting, LA, Shanghai, a lotta times u dont really know where this is all taking you. Sometimes u wish...Read more

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Now that it's over.

We officially ended our production and now starting to editing the film. Our editor Barbara is on it and I think within a week we should have a roughcut of the film out.What did I learn from this experience of "Drowning":-Filmmaking is really really hard, esp. when you got 2 guys running a production. Luckily we got postproduction help.-Better preparation. Ideally for my next film, I'd shoot the whole project once on DV cam and edit the film to see if the editing works, and then decide if I want to add/change stuff befor...Read more

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cooking midnight snack!

It's been a while since i cooked, since I never did that in SH being so busy. and now parents gone back to China for 3 week vacation, I'm all alone, and cooking again, just cooked this right up, afterwards i was like"damn, this looks kinda good", so i wanted to share w/the peepz:Filet mignon, steak salmon, 2 eggs:I showed this to my friends in China and they're like"stop lying f...Read more

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