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Are your emotions killing you?

The past week I stayed in NYC and did an exercise training course, which I have been working at for quite some time.  My field of nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise is quite interesting.  We look at the body as a whole and how it functions.  The past week I spent looking at how the body moves, and how that relates to a person's past.  Often times people are very much blocked in a certain portion of their body which causes their body to compensate.  Often times this is nutritional/emotional.  One can tell this by looking at ...Read more

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You Can't Handle the Truth

Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7866929448192753501&q=loose+change+2nd+edition&total=239&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

WARNING: this documentary will make you think of what the world leaders think of the massive population.  By watching this video you are probably putting yourself at risk for puttin...Read more

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Are we in Trouble?

Video: America: freedom to fascism I recently finished a great documentary called .  I highly recommend it to anyone, but I will caution you that it is very heavy and takes an open mind.

Documentaries have sparked much interest with me for the last few years now, and I have to say that the ones that I have been watching recently have been very deep.  My apologies on my blogs being so gloom, and political, but if there is a time to speak out it is to an audience.  I'm sure people want to know facts about my life etc. But reall...Read more

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Green Peace

In the US, we now have one of the worst, if not the worst presidents in the history of mankind.  For those of you out there who support Bush, I am entitled to my opinion and free speech.  But then again republicans don't really believe in free speech, come to think of it the democrats would love to have no free speech too!  For those who do support Bush and are on this website, it is very ironic and highly humorous to see you reading this.  We seriously are in trouble here in the US, and it is rippling to everyone in every country.

...Read more

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Video: Greening the Desert Today I  attended a lecture on permaculture with Mr. Green (Rain Bedard).  This spectacular form of gardening/farming/living, is something that is the future of everyone.  If it isn't the future of how we will live, I don't know how we will survive.

What is Permaculture? Well it is basically how you can use the land you have to make it sustainable.  It is very much all about turning a living space into a sustainable place.  How often do we see gardens or farms in today's society? Not very often.  I...Read more

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My blog has been launched

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for coming to visit my profile.  I am happy and honored to be on this cite.

Recently I have been working very hard on getting my company I Heart Organic up and running.  Like this website, it will link people together in the health and environmental communities.  My goal is to get and I Heart Organic in every major city in the world.  What I am striving for is to educate and tell people why it is important to be organic.  So the cite to me is very important.  It is important because to me the n...Read more

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