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My blog has been launched

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for coming to visit my profile.  I am happy and honored to be on this cite.

Recently I have been working very hard on getting my company I Heart Organic up and running.  Like this website, it will link people together in the health and environmental communities.  My goal is to get and I Heart Organic in every major city in the world.  What I am striving for is to educate and tell people why it is important to be organic.  So the cite to me is very important.  It is important because to me the name of this site, alivenotdead reflects upon what organic or green really means.  We act like organic or green is something new, when we have really been doing it since the beginning of time.

So, let me take this time to break down a little about organic and green.  Let’s think about this for a second.  Mother Nature has been creating living and non living plants since the beginning of time.  It is only because of the gun factories in WWI around the 1920's that we have conventional food.  How might you ask? Well these gun factories were going out of business during the time after the war, so they figured out that they could use the soil as modern day fertilizer.  So basically we are farming all of our crops in gunpowder right now.  And I don't know how you feel about this, but I don't feel very good.  The reason why we even have pests is because plants and insects have a symbiotic relationship with one another.  So basically the plants pulled a kamikaze and told the insects to eat them because they were bad for the earth.  But us humans got smart when we decided to play god, we then decided to spray pesticides.

Now I know what you might be asking yourself, no way, pests would attack a plant anyway.  I believe it was Rudolf Steiner who dumped barrels of pests onto his plants in order to prove that the pests would not attack his crops.  After dumping barrel after barrel of pest onto his crops he had only a 2% loss on his crops.  2% loss on crops is considered spectacular even for conventional standards.  My point in writing this to you is to tell you that the conventional companies say organic plants loose too many crops because of pests.  And I call bull shit.  If you farm correctly and you "do the right thing" you will seriously get good stuff with very little loss.

You might ask yourself, why in gods name is this important to me.  In the next 20 years lots and lots of interesting things are going to happen, especially environmentally.  Today I am sitting in SF (which usually has foggy summers) in about 75 degree temperature.  This is not normal, I'm not complaining about it, because I love this weather.  But, more inland it is 100 degrees or more.  This is what we call Global warming.  Guess what is one of the worst ozone pollutants; the distribution of chemicals!!!

My point to you is to make a difference in any way shape or form.  Organic and green is alive not dead.  Conventional is dead not alive.

I have 2 sisters and a mother in the Acting business, and I am often asked the question "why don't you become an actor."  My reason, "Because I feel I can change the world with what I am doing now."  My sisters and mother feel they can change the world with their talent as actresses.  And they are damn good actresses.  My calling is to change the world through them and with you.  Actors are who everyone looks up to.  Popular actors are respected and idolized.  This means that those who are popular have responsibility whether they like it or not.  So I'm calling all actors all artists, and everyone else reading this blog, to do what Bob Marley Said "Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your right." I’m talking about your right and your future generation’s right to make a difference and keep living.  Because let me tell you the sad story if we do not make a difference, we wont have a world to live in, nor will we be able to survive in it.

Viva la revolution!

The I Heart Organic Revolution!

With Love and Qi,

Mr. Organic (better known as Harry)

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