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Don't Panic, It's Organic

I am an entrepreneur, who seeks to change the world. I originally entered into the health filed to help people. Now I realize that it is not just people that we need to help it is the Earth that we need to help.

I coach individuals to become healthy, look beautiful, and perform better. I do this not because it is a popular industry, but because it is necessary in todays world.

In today's society our logic has been switched and turned upside down. How? you might ask. Look at how we treat our celebrities and others who are idolized. People with money and people who are popular are just people. People who are just as confused about life as every other individual. Do these people know how to take care of themselves? Like you or me they learn from others and ultimately themselves. Always remember the greatest teacher isn't another individual it is yourself. If everyone understood this we would not have so many problems in the world. War would not be an answer because war is just us fighting with ourselves.

To me our creativity is how we become who we are. We are all creative and we all create, so why not create for the health and success of the individual and the world. | 我是個探索改變世界的企業家。進入健康領域的本意是想要幫助別人,現在我意識到不止是人們需要幫助,整個地球都需要幫助。



我的觀點是,創造力使我們成為自己想要成為的人。我們都有創造力,我們都在創造,讓我們為個體和世界的健康及成功一起創造! | 我是个探索改变世界的企业家。进入健康领域的本意是想要帮助别人,现在我意识到不止是人们需要帮助,整个地球都需要帮助。




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Don't Panic, It's Organic

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