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The 4 hour work week

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYpRja0-vrU

This book may hands down be my new favorite life/business book.  It makes so much sense, but yet so few know or do anything about it.  In the US and Hong Kong we are constantly overworked and unhappy.  I constantly ask the question as to why? Why are we always working so hard for things, and yet unhappy?

In a nutshell it is because we concentrate on the superficial items in life (e.g. TV's, Cars,...Read more

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Love is...

I was thinking of this today.  I figured that this was a little bit of an extension of my prior blog "Love vs. Attachment."


Love is…

Expectation of one person to anotherA condition from a daughter to a motherA paradox between mother and daughterTeaching my significant other to be a better lover

Infatuation of him, infatuation of her

Love is…

Showing empathy to everyoneUnderstanding and respecting no oneSearching and longing for someone

Love is…


Wisdo...Read more

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Happy New Year

My Mom sent me this in my mail box.  May Everyone have a great new lunar new year.


Wishing you a wonderfulChocolates 2008.     Don't Cubic...<a href=Read more

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Voting for primary candidates is a freedom that we have in the US.  The freedom isn't to only vote for whoever we want, but to also not vote.  I have many friends and clients who pester those who do not vote, or don't believe in voting.  I realize the importance of voting, but freedom is more important then voting.  Honestly! Quit telling everyone they should vote esp if they don't believe in the system.  I vote for the person that I feel is going to be a good president, but get mocked for my own judgment.  Here is a suggestion.  Vote fo...Read more

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Go Gravel!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8efzzDpcvaY&feature=related I've been supporting this guy since I first saw his campaign.  I'd wear his bloody button if I could get my hands on one.  The most popular show he has been on has been on Comedy Central.  Come on! Can't we give a guy a chance.  Hillary is a fuck up that is lying through her teeth, and I really just doubt Obama can do any change, or will do any change.  This guy is smart, funny,...Read more

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Autosave 01/25/08 10:38:57

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jvVkWsDY78&NR=1

Yes another miracle  pill that is exactly what we need! I think we might have more of these diet pills on the market then makes of cars!  I think my main problem is that we have a misguided country who have no idea on how to eat, exercise, or take care of themselves.

Here is the problem, we have kids that are taught to eat garbage food, and self medicate themselves.  There is real...Read more

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Off to a good start (sarcasm)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obdd31Q9PqA%20

Honestly I think I've herd every single excuse in the world.  I'm a exercise coach, my whole occupation involves getting people to move.  I saw this video and I just had to post it.  How often do I get excuses from people on not working out or taking care of themselves? Almost every day!

I found this video inspirational and I just thought I'd write about how motivated peopl...Read more

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Family Legacy

Every year my family gets together sometime during the holidays to spend sometime with one another.  For me this is a great time, because I get to hang out with my sister Marsha and my mother.  They live in Shanghai at th moment so I only get a chance to see them a few times out of the year.  Every once and a while we will have some of my mother's family come along.  This year my uncle, David, and his family came to visit.  David has three kids, and he brought two of them along.  Tim his son brought his girlfriend.  Peta, his oldest daughte...Read more

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Travel Frustration

Since Christmas travels only happens once a year, it is easy to forget about how frustrating it is to travel.

My passport expired in 5 and 1/2 months, and I was told that we need 6 months of validation to enter HK.  So naturally I had to go to the passport agency.  The trouble was that I found this out 20 days before I had to take off to HK.  Naturally I called the passport agency.  They told me to  call back in 14 days and  I would make an appointment and everything would be peachy.  Come 14 days before the flight I didn't get...Read more

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One Final Thing

The Last Two posts were rebuttals to a unpleased comment.  This is my final point on this topic.

I cannot control how you or anyone in the world takes what I say.  I can however tell you that you have full control of these things.  I wrote my following blog, not to offend anyone.  And in fact I made sure to say that I aim to only protest the institution of conventional medicine.  If you take that personally that fault is not on my head but yours.  Much like a person in a dysfunctional relationship who believes that their partner will ...Read more

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