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Are your emotions killing you?

The past week I stayed in NYC and did an exercise training course, which I have been working at for quite some time.  My field of nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise is quite interesting.  We look at the body as a whole and how it functions.  The past week I spent looking at how the body moves, and how that relates to a person's past.  Often times people are very much blocked in a certain portion of their body which causes their body to compensate.  Often times this is nutritional/emotional.  One can tell this by looking at what Chinese medicine refers to as Meridians.  Now what I find interesting about meridians is that if there is a blockage at a certain point people cannot function at optimal.  But, people can't really feel that their energy is blocked, at least not someone in modern day society.  Instead they might feel pain once the meridian has been blocked from quite some time and caused a symptom which they can finally feel.

In modern day medicine we only look at what symptoms the person has, and never go to the root of the problem.  The body works as a whole and this is important to note, because one cannot neglect the emotional and spiritual sides of the body.  In western medicine we only look at the physical, and thus causing a band-aid effect on the body.  With a "holistic" approach to how our body works, we look at not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual side of things.

As I said before, I have spent the last week going over movement.  We all do a few patterns in every day life, we bend, squat, twist, lunge, push, pull, and perform gait (aka walking).  Much of what we do in every day life, come back to these 7 primal movement patterns.  I find this significant because if something is blocked then the function of these movement patterns goes to shit.  So if you have a blocked meridian, then your movement will be terrible.  Of course there are other concerns, like if you crawled as a child, if you played sports, etc. But, the most important is that everything is aligned.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nRY3UtTHvo

Above, is a video on EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  This is the modern day acupuncture.  EFT is something useful with people and their movement or their over all health.  Its amazing how our body responds to energy, and how we generate energy for others.  If this video interests you and you want assistance with EFT look for a person who specializes in EFT in your area.  I can assure you that EFT can reveal great results with people.

I mention EFT and alternative health because I just don’t think western medicine is cutting it.  As a society we don’t take care of our bodies, and we don’t look for the root of the problem.  Instead we look for band-aids to coat the problems.  When do we realize that others do not fix us, it is only ourselves that can fix us.  Our bodies are very smart and are easily adaptable.  To cure or help anything we can only do it within ourselves.


A book that I’m reading entitled Molecules of Emotion written by Candice Pert, is all about how a neuroscientist found that our emotions affect our health.  A person with common sense could tell you that our emotions affect our health, but in today’s society you need science to back it up.  Candice did just this, she backed it up, and even proved that emotions have much to do with cancer, heart disease, etc.  She even went as far as saying she had a cure for some cancers.  But yet this isn’t common knowledge today why? It is because our system of health today is based on sick care not health care.  In other words we pay the medical industry money to keep us sick, not healthy.  Ironic isn’t it? But it may be the best marketing and hoax of our very own system.


So let’s back up and let me ask you this, What are most Americans dying of? Heart Disease! Why are we all dying of heart disease? Because of meat? Because of sugar? Why? Well I can guarantee its not from meat (not from a healthy animal anyway).  If we look at modern society we have more and more people who are not loved, or have trouble giving love.  The communities, the families are all falling apart.  Suicide is up.  Depression is up.  Everything is up except fertility and the worth of the US dollar.  What I’m saying to you is that the best cure for a disease is to treat the root of the problem.  And in most cases it is emotional!  That’s what EFT is about, that’s what holistic healing is about.


Until next time, I give you all peace, love, unity and respect.



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Happiness is a relative term. Emotional trauma can happen not during the present but in the past. The bodies organs are good at storing emotional energy in certain organs. The person you are talking about could very well have had something he was storing in the region of his cancer.
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