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You Can't Handle the Truth

Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7866929448192753501&q=loose+change+2nd+edition&total=239&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

WARNING: this documentary will make you think of what the world leaders think of the massive population.  By watching this video you are probably putting yourself at risk for putting yourself under surveillance from the American government.  Enjoy the Movie!

 About a year ago this documentary came to my attention.  A year before that I was watching documentaries similar to this one.  It is in my opinion that Loose Change is the best documentary on 9/11.  A friend of mine, Paul Chek Jr, introduced me to documentaries like these which show us the conspiracies of our very own government.  George Orwell depicted the current society well with constant terrorist attacks and people brainwashed into thinking that "Peace is war."  Today it sounds more like "Peace cannot exist" or "Peace is impossible."  When we have a country that is based upon fear then peace is impossible.  We can only have a country or countries in peace with "Free Thinkers," to quote George Orwell.

Unfortunately we are controlled by the media and billions of advertisements that we see every day.  Since I am in the health profession, the most common programs that I see built into people involve what a person thinks is healthy.  People pay me by the hour to deprogram them so that they can get themselves to be healthy, skinny, prevent themselves from injury, or perform better.  What they don't know is why they do these things and how they do these things.  If I told all of my clients that I basically deprogram them so that they can become a free thinker and in tern they become healthy, aesthetically pleasing, injury free, and perform at their best, I would be laughed at.  Take a moment to think of all the programs that you have in your life, just involving health.  Calories are one, "If I eat too much I will get fat." How about cereal, "A bowl of cereal is good for me in the morning."  The most common trend is the information about fat "Saturated fat is bad, and will give you heart attacks" or "fat will make you fat."  These are all programs that are programmed into people.

How? Well it is easily programmed into someone through something called a "Television Program."  Wait, did you just note that they are telling you that they are programming you.  The category of what a person watches on TV is called a Television Program.  What an interesting concept!  Programming of every way you think mainly comes from television.  But, you can also find them in movies, radio, the internet, and just walking down the street.  Have you ever noticed that boxes are labeled a companies name.  Why would they do this?   Say you are walking down the street, and a hot new actor came out of a building with a I Heart Organic bag.  You would then think to yourself, wow, where did he get that.  Even if you despised the person, you would still think of the bag.  Humans are programmed thousands if not hundreds of thousands of times, in order for you the consumer to buy a product.

Now, I will come back to programs on another blog, because it is an inevitable topic.  We all create programs in our every day, they are unavoidable, but whether or not you are in control of them is another story.

Why I mention programs is because we have all been programmed to thinking that 9/11 was a "terrorist attack."  It is my belief that 9/11 was an attack on American’s freedom.  But not by the Middle East, but by our own kind.  This video is one of my favorite conspiracy video's because it is well rounded, and covers all the incidents of 9/11.  Watch the documentary and find out what really happened on America's most devastating day.  I can guarantee this will shock you.

I recently had a client who I was discussing conspiracies with, and he could not fathom that our government would be so evil.  It is my belief that it is my legacy to not only inform and allow people to be aware of our current situation, it is my job to change myself and allow myself to grow to help the world.  We all help the world in some direction.  No man can say he is more responsible then the other.  The only way to change anything is through ourselves.  This is why I have decided to coach people on nutrition lifestyle and exercise.

Watch the video and learn more about what Uncle Sam isn't telling you.

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