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Blog: Wednesday, Jul 9

You are what you drink

It has come to my attention that people absolutely have to have something other then water to drink.  The irony is that humans were only designed to drink water.  That’s right I said it.  Not booze, coffee, milk, soda, or other sugary drinks, not even tea.  But, we as humans are very creative and smart, so things like tea, juice, coffee, and alcohol were invented.  Personally I th...Read more

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The Apple Farm


A few weekends ago I had a very unexpected visit to a biodynamic apple farm.  On this particular weekend I was going to the Anderson Valley Brewery Beer Festival, and came across “The Apple Farm.”  This apple farm is one that I have been buying apples from for a couple of years now.  Every time that I would buy apples I would see the sign that said “Philo, CA.”  And if you are like me, you think where in...Read more

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Ode To Terence

The following is a small excerpt on the acknowledgments section of my future book on dating.  I had meant for this to be a surprise to T.  But since I already told him that I was going to do this on a drunken stooper, I think it is appropriate for me to post this near his B-day.  If my calculations are correct, T will probably read this blog by the time his B-day comes.  Thanks T, and I'll see you in HK next month!



I’ve known Terence Yin (T) for over a decade now, and he knew me ever since I was a...Read more

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How much longer do we have?

Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1131942400352901009&q=Esoteric+Agenda&pr=goog-sl

Wow it's been a while since I've had a post about something important.  Guess it's easy to get caught up in a bunch of fluff.  For those of you with a open mind I highly suggest watching the documentary posted above.  But, again, it takes an open mind to watch this post.  Also it takes pat...Read more

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Bad Things Happen in Three's

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBEYyHGbwto

My mother always told me that bad things come in three's.  Unfortunately no matter what we do, we always experience bad things in life, but hey lets make the best of them.

My last trip to HK I had a strain of great luck! I feel larger then life, and a bit euphoric.  My karma could only be so good!  Since I've returned to SF, I've had a strain of bad luck :(

At the begi...Read more

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HK Film Awards

OK, My first awards Ceremony.  Great stuff.  Exciting, and very long if you don't know Cantonese.

Does marsh not look stunning?  She was very excited that we matched.

And of Course Chi (Eugenia) was very sexy.  Hello that dress will make any man turn their head.  The both of them.  Absoloubtly stunning.  I need a better smile though.  How freakin Cool does my mom look.  I don't kno...Read more

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The Street Fighter Experience Part II

Street fighter Part II

The best part of my experience on the Street Fighter set was talking to the crew.  I’m always a fan of making new friends, and people in the film industry are often pretty cool people, especially the crew.

After my mother’s day of work on the set of Street Fighter,, I got to know the cast and some crew quite well.  We decided to go for Korean and drinks.  Kimi the production coordinator was one of the gals that was in the crew.  I had the chance to talk to Kimi and learned that she ...Read more

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The Street Fighter Experience

This week I had the honor and fortune to accompany my mother on the set of Street Fighter: The Legends of Chung Li.  I have to say it was a magical experience.  I truly enjoyed every bit of it, and it has inspired me. I know what you are thinking, Street Fighter? They are making another one of those?  The Last one was Terrible!  Contrary our Van Damn days, this street fighter has a dialogue.  My mother asked me weather or not she should do this part in this movie.  I was not convinced with the street fighter name, but after read...Read more

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21 comment

I recently watched the movie 21 and had to say that I was shocked that it got such terrible reviews.  The story line was quite good, the acting was mediocre, but the cinematography was bloody terrible.  All and all it didn't deserve an oscar but hell it didn't deserve bad reviews.  I've seen way worse movies that were hyped up to be super!

What bothers me the most is that this movie was based on a true story.  Not the fact that it was a true story, but the fact that the main character should have been Asian!  How do we glorify ...Read more

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My Website got Hacked!

For those who keep emailing me and messaging me, yes I Heart Organic was hacked on the 18th of march.  We have everything backed up and are working on restoring the site.

Geese who would have thought an organic site would be hacked.  Interesting world we live in.


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