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Video: Greening the Desert Today I  attended a lecture on permaculture with Mr. Green (Rain Bedard).  This spectacular form of gardening/farming/living, is something that is the future of everyone.  If it isn't the future of how we will live, I don't know how we will survive.

What is Permaculture? Well it is basically how you can use the land you have to make it sustainable.  It is very much all about turning a living space into a sustainable place.  How often do we see gardens or farms in today's society? Not very often.  In fact, the children of today, haven't even had the chance to visit a real farm.  Permaculture is essentially getting a person to use their waste, rain water, soil to grow plants and sustain ones own living.

The first objection to living sustainable is that people don't have enough time.  Unfortunately there isn't any time left for us to not be living sustainable.  In as little as 2 hrs per day 6 days a week, one can have their own food, recycle their own waste and have  a peace of beautiful land.  Hell, you might be able to sell your food and make money.  Think about how long it takes for us to go the grocery store, when we could be farming produce in our back yards.  For those who don't have back yards and living in apartment buildings a sustainable living environment can be put in place by having a community garden, or having more people in suburbia live sustainably.

The lecturer at this course has traveled all over the world to urban cities or jungles and created sustainable living.  He has spread this beautiful knowledge to countries and cities like Vietnam,

Australia, London

England, Mexico, etc.  Not only is permaculture fully doable it is easy to do and fun.

In today's society we have depressed, overweight, and unhappy individuals.  Have we come a long way from our ancestors? Or better, Have we come in a positive direction? Families across the world are falling apart, people are becoming flakier and flakier.  Our whole social structure is falling apart.  We work too much, and have too little time for ourselves, our bodies, and our family and friends.  As I said before, people only had to work the land in permaculture for 2hrs a day, once in the morning, and once at night.  On weekends you can work the land for 30 min.  This can be a 1 person operation.  Why are we dumping our waste into the ocean, not collecting our rain water for ourselves, and not planting our own food? We have settled for convince but have we really made our lives happier? Is convenience more important or happiness.

Now, many will disagree with this next statement, but I feel it is true, "Farming is fun!" We have become so disconnected to the earth, and from our roots, that we cannot instinctively take care of our environment and ourselves.  Take action and read about farming, and start growing some plants of your own.  Find out about permaculture, biodynamic farming, etc.  Every plant planted, is a step in saving our world.  And our world needs saving.  I'm not getting richeous on you, or telling you what to do, but I am telling you what needs to be done.  Get out there and save the world, support the cause.  Our future generations are depending on us.


What can you do now? Start composting.  It is easy and requires little space.  You can even do it in a home with a plastic bin.  All you need is soil, and your food scraps.  If you have a house, provide barrels to collect rain water to water plants or use the water.  Start a garden.  Read about sustainable farming/permaculture/biodynamic farming.  Much can be done.  Why not start now?

With Love and Qi,

Mr. Organic

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