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Are we in Trouble?

Video: America: freedom to fascism I recently finished a great documentary called .  I highly recommend it to anyone, but I will caution you that it is very heavy and takes an open mind.

Documentaries have sparked much interest with me for the last few years now, and I have to say that the ones that I have been watching recently have been very deep.  My apologies on my blogs being so gloom, and political, but if there is a time to speak out it is to an audience.  I'm sure people want to know facts about my life etc. But really lets cut to what is really important.  There is much to be done, and little time to do it.

Why I mention , because we are coming to a point where the freedom of the world will no longer be free.  Right now we are fighting to be free, every day.  In the US we are restricted to bring water bottles through security check, and even asked to check our shoes for bombs.  Is this really  to protect us from terrorists? or is it to get us used to having our freedom taken away.  Does a shoe bomb exist? Does a water bomb exist? Possibly, but is it worth our own freedoms being taken away?

Currently it is legal for our own government to bug our phones, our emails, our financial information, etc.  Does no one find this unnecessary but me? We live in fear in the US, and in other parts of the world.  We do things in the name of security and safety.  But, does an extra mettle detector, an extra law keep us safe?  I can almost guarantee it doesn't.  What I really do have to say is that we are not attacking the problem by inserting chips into humans, or putting people under surveillance.  These are merely band-aids to the real problems in the world.  Does anyone else find it interesting that we can't have sex on screen without a rated R, but we can have a man get his head blown off?  Every little bit of the information that we are exposed to be filtered to allowing us to believe in what the government wants us to.

Don't believe me? I'll put you to the test.  Stop watching all media for one year and see what happens to your perspective.  See what happens to those around you.  Watch yourself grow to be a very sophisticated, intellectual being.  After media, the only thing that is left, is real knowledge.  Books and conversation.

is about our right to freedom.  Even if you are not from the US, it isn't about just the US it is about the world.  Here is an interesting tidbit from the first hour of the movie, Americans are not required to pay Federal Income Tax.  But, why do we pay it? because we are bullied to do so.  This is tyrannical and un-American.  There is no constitutional amendment that says that we have to pay income tax.  Pretty interesting aye! Watch the documentary, and make a difference.

Untill next time.

Harry Yuan (AKA Mr. Organic)


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