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Skydive Training Part 2

It's been almost 2 months since my tandem, and I'm sure people are wondering if I'm still alive.  Yes! Alive and kicking with 23 jumps under my belt.  The only thing that stands in my way is 2 jumps an a course on packing.  After that I will be able to jump around the world :).  Speaking of, any documentary out there interested on documenting the skydiving world, literally around the globe?

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Skydive Training

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGphGbJool4

I remember my first time skydiving almost six years ago.  I knew then I wanted to be able to go solo.  What I didn't realize was that it was going to take me six years to finally start the process to do it.  Skydiving has been something that I've always had on my mind, and something I thought I could really enjoy.  There was always something about the feeling of flying that made me think of how cool it w...Read more

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Heritage vs. Organic vs. Regular

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm559s-3Uj4

Yesterday of course was turkey day, and I realized that I was lucky enough to go to two different Thanksgiving dinners.  One was done with a beautiful free range turkey and the other was a heritage turkey.  Both were good, but it was evident that heritage turkeys a...Read more

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Is Exercise and Nutrition #1 for losing weight?

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=Pen1isLmIP As a personal trainer about 90% of the people my industry come to me to lose weight.  After six year of experience and countless hours of schooling, I am convinced about one thing.  In today’s world exercise and nutrition are not the only thing necessary for weight loss

Most trainers go to school, or take certification programs to educate themselves on how to educate others.  Those int...Read more

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Nap your way to health

Every time I go to HK I'm always disturbed about something, this time I understood what it was.  The whole city is sleep deprived, to include myself when I am in it.  How do people survive with out sleep? Not very well.  I see quite a bit of issues with people's health because they do not sleep properly.  It amazes me because ordinarily when I am in SF I sleep a perfect 8hrs a night between 1030 ...Read more

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Wu-shu w/ the wu-shu master


Who doesn’t want to be a kung fu fighter? I know I did, and still do.  So in the last couple of months I’ve been training with Bryant Fong a Wushu Shi Fu.  Shi Fu Fong has been practicing and teaching Wushu for the Majority of his life.  I originally was opposed to doing Wushu because it seemed like the current trend.  Also, if I learned a martial arts, I wanted to learn something that I could use in a real life basis.  However, since I...Read more

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Broken Ankle

This past Thursday, I decided to skateboard down my hill on my block strapped with my 30lb backpack.  Not something I normally do, but hey what the heck.  The outcome was a bit shocking and painful.  If you cannot read gore, I suggest you stop reading right now.

I landed on my right foot, but not with it pointed straight ahead, causing a dislocation to my right ankle.  At the time it looked like the bone was broken, because there was actually a bone sticking out, w/ my foot pointing at a 90degree angle.  Fortunately I could still wiggle ...Read more

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Inpiration is Contageous

Tonight I went to a great seminar by Dr. John Demartini.  What was the topic? The Wealth Within.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7KiXJkpfuo I find it humorous that we as humans think that wealth is something that is superficial and unspiritual.  Then again, I guess that is why I liked John's speech so much.  John talked about the seven things that we need to feel complete in life.  The seven things that give us wealth within:

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Head Shots


I hate to jump on the band wagon, but I just got some head shots done in LA by a great lady named Cynthia Smiley.  Really great work, you can see them attached.  Let me know what you all think.  Any favorites of my favorites?


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Interviewing the man from the underground.

This week I had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with and record a radio show with Chef Russell Jackson, “The Dissident Chef.”  Since I met Russell at a farmers market, I knew his cooking would be amazing.  The most inspiring of course was Russell’s stories of how Subculture Dining (SCD) came to be.  He explains “SDC came out of necessity.  All I know how to do is be a Chef, and I had no operable space to do so.

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