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Interviewing the man from the underground.

This week I had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with and record a radio show with Chef Russell Jackson, “The Dissident Chef.”  Since I met Russell at a farmers market, I knew his cooking would be amazing.  The most inspiring of course was Russell’s stories of how Subculture Dining (SCD) came to be.  He explains “SDC came out of necessity.  All I know how to do is be a Chef, and I had no operable space to do so.

As  a child and adult I had a handful of meals at an Underground restaurant.  Russell’s underground was a little different from the version that I had in mind.  My original impression of undergrounds were those that were run out of the chef’s basement or house even.  It was a way to supplement income and for a retired chef or aspiring chef to develop his/her food.  Russell’s underground had a secret location and a secret procedure to get to the secret location.  It really was an underground festivity.  This reminded me of the underground raves that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

When talking to Russell one can see his energy is saturated in confidence and certainty.  He is and was an artist, one who also happens to be considered an “entrepreneur.”  I would call him the “Richard Branson of the gourmet food word.”  He was the David fighting the Goliath.  And since he has beaten Goliath, he is now receiving the necessary “props” for his work.

After our one hour interview, I invited him on the show again to talk a little more about his future restaurant.  But, don’t’ let the show times fool you.  We were literally in the studio for three hours, discussing our views on organic food, social responsibility, and the birth of an underground restaurant.

In the course of listening to Russell, I knew that he was on the same wavelength as I was.  He was after the same thing that I was.  We are a part of the same mind of those who speak out for the little guys, who might be small organic farmers, independent chefs, indi rock bands, etc.  We are the people who are sick of seeing the big guys get to do all the fun stuff.  Most importantly, Russell and I were people who were willing to take a chance.  The desire for taking risks was the clear sign of a true entrepreneur.

The new restaurant Le Feit was one that came in perfect time.  Having looked for a location for his underground business to move to be above ground, he now had the perfect place.  Peir 5, a tough location to get, but also a very expensive location build.  This place will be right on the water overlooking the famous Bay Bridge (the good looking side), neighboring restaurants like Slanted Door, and

Through out the interview I couldn’t help but think, “A book must be written about this, or possibly a movie.”  Then Russell mentioned the SDC book, and I knew that this story was ready to come out of the underground.  In the future look forward to more then Russell’s new restaurant le feat, but also a fine peace of literature on being different.

To listen to Russell’s previous shows visit the podcast page here

Also take a look at what it takes to be a part of the underground at the Sub Culture Dinning website: www.thescdsf.com/

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