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Is Exercise and Nutrition #1 for losing weight?

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=Pen1isLmIP As a personal trainer about 90% of the people my industry come to me to lose weight.  After six year of experience and countless hours of schooling, I am convinced about one thing.  In today’s world exercise and nutrition are not the only thing necessary for weight loss

Most trainers go to school, or take certification programs to educate themselves on how to educate others.  Those interested in nutrition also do the same.  Exercise itself isn’t powerful enough for people to lose weight.  Thus many trainers or exercise practitioners start to learn nutrition.  Nutrition and exercises have one thing in common.  There are millions of different opinions and egos in each one.  Which is why it is hard to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.  The key to both is to learn from many and listen to what the client’s body is telling them.  But, yet even with exercise and nutrition there is still a missing link.

What many people fail to realize is that animals store toxins as fat.  What this means is that if you are consuming toxins you are likely to store more body fat.  Toxins can be given in many different forms.  Stress is a perfect example of a toxin that the human body creates chemically.  Food toxins such as pesticides, parasites, fungus, or heavy metals can also cause an animal to store fat.  This is why Organic foods have been so affective to help people lose weight.

Foods are not the only way humans consume toxins.  We can be exposed to radiation or breath toxins into our bodies.  Chemical paints, cleaners, glue, and other synthetic products can be inspired, digested, or applied onto or into our bodies.  Mold though thought of as rare, often grows in many houses across the world.  The spores are then spun into the air and breathed into our bodies.  Misquotes, ticks, spiders, flees, and just about any other bug that can bite you, can pass off other toxin into your body as well.  With so much exposure out there, why isn’t everyone living in a bubble?

Something that I have to tell myself time and time again is that “Exposure does not mean infection.”  In other words just because you get exposed to it doesn’t mean that you are going to get it.  But, what happens to the body is that, as the immune system gets weaker from battling more and more of these toxins it becomes stressed.  This overall stress on top of the 9-5 or for some people, 12-12, workday causes the body to go into exhaustion.  But, we are humans so we do everything we can to survive.  That is why many people that is exhausted and have a sad excuse for an immune system.

Let it not be misunderstood, that just because you don’t get sick, doesn’t mean that your immune system is good.  Think about it for a second.  Ask yourself the question, “What causes me to have signs and symptoms, the bug, or my body?”  If you said your body, you are 100% correct.  Signs and symptoms are merely messages that your body is sending to you that it’s doing some work.  Coughs, colds, soar throats, allergies, itchy eyes, bloating, hell even constipation are all symptoms.

Getting drugs to turn these symptoms off is like going to a mechanic to get your check engine light turned off.  Would you think it was insane if your gardener came to your house and painted your garden as opposed to watering it and giving the soil nutrients?  This is what is going on, and these biotoxins and other stressors are what cause signs and symptoms.

Being overweight or having excessive abdominal fat is an indicator that a person’s body is stressed.  To diet, or get liposuction is just like turning off the symptom with a pill.  The right nutrients, the right exercise, and the right food are necessary for a person to get healthy and lose weight.  What is the right food/nutrient/exercise? To tell you something that is completely general would be again addressing the symptom.  Many people can do little things like cut out certain food allergies such as gluten, milk, cork, and soy.  But even that is just a head start for what is to come.

So how do you keep your immunity high? Get enough rest! Relax your body! Eat the right foods! Move your body! Enjoy life! And if you have been exposed to toxins (metal fillings, mold, foreign bug bites, or parasite/fungus) find a specialist who can deal with these issues.  Or at least someone who can identify it.  I’m not going to lie, it will cost you money, but what is the point of money if you are not happy?

The average American spends 10% of their income on food and maybe 5% on health (not health care).  The rest of the world is not far off.  Isn’t the order of importance “Water, food, shelter?”  When did we start paying so much for shelter, and so little for food and water?  Organic food, healing a person from biotoxins, parasites, or other hormonal metabolic diseases might just be the key to open the magic castle.  It’s time people start looking for that key!

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sounds tough to change..... humans do things even when they know it will harm their own bodies......... nice entry~ i enjoyed it~ =)
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