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Inpiration is Contageous

Tonight I went to a great seminar by Dr. John Demartini.  What was the topic? The Wealth Within.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7KiXJkpfuo I find it humorous that we as humans think that wealth is something that is superficial and unspiritual.  Then again, I guess that is why I liked John's speech so much.  John talked about the seven things that we need to feel complete in life.  The seven things that give us wealth within:








Anyone can point these things out, but how one explains them is the real talent.  If we look at society we are all mentally blocked! Why because we are expecting others to live by our own virtues.  One of my favorite topics is that of ADD or ADHD.  Which, to my favor John describes as non-existent.  How is it pray tell, when everyone says that there is ADD?  Maybe instead of just perscribing and diagnosing we should get to the root o the problem.

A story of a very famous dance instructor comes to mind.  When she was a child she was told that she had "Learning difficulties."  Because of this her mother and her went to see a psychiatrist.  When talking with the girl, the psychiatrist decided that he needed to speak with the mother.  Before he left the room, he switched the radio on.  Immediately the child started to dance in the room.  The psychiatrist leaned over to the mother and said.  Your daughter doesn't have a learning dissability, she is a dancer.  Now this is child is one of the leading dance coeographers in the world.  Che coeographed cats for god sake!

Do we have psychiatrists like this anymore? Not really, they are few and far between.  People are afraid of telling the truth.  Further, we have distorted illusions of our own virtues that we try to instill upon others.  Relationships are a perfect example.  In this world we have a very fictitious belief that people should love the other person no matter what.  But what is trure is that a balance had to happen for committment to happen.  If something is lacking in the relationship it is not that the person doesn't love the other person, but primarly that something is lacking.  Affairs, desiring others, other stimulation, is all having to do with the lack of something in the relationship.

I was inpired tonight because John is 100% correct in saying that everyone can do anything they want, they just have to believe in themselves.  How do we believe in ourselves if we try to instill our beliefs in others? The only way is to be comfortable under our skin.  Some will get it, and some won't, but what separates the upper and lower class isn't money, but the confidence that one has with one's self.

Be Well,


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