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Broken Ankle

This past Thursday, I decided to skateboard down my hill on my block strapped with my 30lb backpack.  Not something I normally do, but hey what the heck.  The outcome was a bit shocking and painful.  If you cannot read gore, I suggest you stop reading right now.

I landed on my right foot, but not with it pointed straight ahead, causing a dislocation to my right ankle.  At the time it looked like the bone was broken, because there was actually a bone sticking out, w/ my foot pointing at a 90degree angle.  Fortunately I could still wiggle my toes (which is a miracle in itself).  As it turns out, there were no broken bones in this accident.  Somehow my bones refused to break, and pushed my joint out of socket and exposed the joint, called a compound dislocation.

Luckily I did not hit my head or any other body part, as my ankle broke (no pun intended :P) my fall.  I had some raspberries from my hand and knee scrapping the ground, but the kicker was the ankle.  The ambulance got on site within 5 minutes, and by then I was cracking jokes.  Looking down at my injury I remember saying "that doesn't look so good."  One of the ambulance members instructed me to lot look at it and tried to cover it.  I assured him, I was fine with looking at it, but it just didn't look so good.  The one thing that our medical association is good at is emergency care, I guess we can blame all the war time casualties for our speedy EMS technology.

Arriving at the hospital, the doctors were certain that I had broken a bone or two.  In surgury they mainly cleaned the wound because they didn't want my bone to get infected.  Reluctantly I agreed to anysteshia, which I knew might not have been the best choice for a speedy recovery.  But, nevertheless it sounded good at the time.  I did make conscious decisions not to take excessive drugs, though, morphine was my best friend, that afternoon.

After an overnight session at the hospital, and 3 iv's full of antibiotics, I was sent home with a splint and doctors orders saying "stay off your feet for 6 weeks."  I looked at the doctor and told her that I would do it in four.  Right now, I'm convicend with the proper healers, and alternative medicine I can probably walk on it in two weeks.  In January I injured my shoulder which I fully recovered in 2 weeks, the exact time that the doctors told me to put it in a brace.  Like I said before, recovery isn't thier expertice, but they are damn good at EMS.  Leave it to me for a speedy recovery.

So now my schedule is full or rest and Chiropracic, Acupuncture, Energetic healing, and Qi Gong masters, to heal my ankle before my trip to Beijing and HK in Oct.  Wish me luck!


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