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Skydive Training Part 2

It's been almost 2 months since my tandem, and I'm sure people are wondering if I'm still alive.  Yes! Alive and kicking with 23 jumps under my belt.  The only thing that stands in my way is 2 jumps an a course on packing.  After that I will be able to jump around the world :).  Speaking of, any documentary out there interested on documenting the skydiving world, literally around the globe?

The course, was a big commitment, but I was able to do it.  And even graduate from "instructor jumps" early.  The normal amount of jumps to pass the "instructor" section of the student jump is seven jumps.  I was a natural at free fall and was able to do it in only five!  You might be wondering what goes on in an instructor jump.  Give me a couple of weeks and I'll get it on video, but first I'll go thought it for you.

Cat A (Jump 1)

1st jump w/ two instructors holding onto you, making adjustments.  Practice touching your handle for your parachute 3x and pull it at 6000 ft.

Cat B (Jump 2)

Jump w/ instructors and practice touching and control heading in the sky.  Touch handle 2x and pull at 6000 ft.

Cat C (Jump 3)

Jump and get let go by your instructors.  It's the first time you are free, and let me tell ya, it's a fun thing to be by yourself floating in space.

Cat D (Jump 4)

Jump with one instructor and practice 90 deg turns, 180 deg turns, and 360 deg turns.

(Jump 5)

Dive out w/ out an instructor and do a back flip, front flip, and barrel roll, and if you're really good, track and doc onto your instructor.

All this was completed before Christmas, including my very first solo jump :)

Since the new year started I've done 16 jumps some doing some really cool things.  There are so many things you have to learn about control, when you are flying your body.  Not to mention how to fly your parachute.  Pretty soon, it will be time to get my "A" license and travel the globe jumping out of planes.


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cool harry!!! I really wish I could have gone this time!!!
over 15 years ago
Very nice! Didn't know you got into skydiving!
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