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message from above?

i came home yesterday


and alone

automatically i reached for the play button

to beckon soul-searching melodies out to keep me company

it's a bad habit i know

in essence it's picking off the scabs

to see that familiar flow of blood

which in turn stirs tears

in pity of the wounds

i fell asleep in a fetal position

staring at a blank screen

i woke up at 5am

barely staving off the flood of memories

then 7am

succumbing to the onslaught of hurtful thoughts

the morning sun urging a more positive outlook on life

all jumbling together to form a certain


and strangely i found this

i don't remember typing i t

is it the inner me pleading for sanity?

or divine intervention?


my thoughts will be here today




forget them each and everyone

forget their insincerity their lack of concern their lies

forget all the disappointment

it's time to be happy again grace forget them and yourself alike and enjoy dancing naked in the moonlight

who needs them anyway if i have myself..?

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