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too late in coming..

i waited here

with an open heart

to gather in the joyous sounds

of a familiar melody

faint remnants of ivory notes

steel strings strumming

and trumpets wailing with soul

until dusk settled heavily upon my arms

and my eyes couldn't catch even a slight glimmer

squinting to find a silouhette

of that person i once loved

i waited here

with an open heart

i waited here

for you

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pry my heart open

how can i be magnanimous when i know it's all wrong?

i can genuinely understand and sympathize with an alcoholic's weakness

only God knows how many i harbor myself

but to be silent as they take another shot

or even be the one to pour them a drink?

and smile and say "it's alright"

it's their choice yeah

but it's not alright

they are drowning themselves

and tearing away the good left here

how can you accept someone fully ...Read more

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and the years will pass us by

you were never mine

but i loved you anyway..

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every day is a choice

stop being afraid to see what is real, about yourself and about others. if it's not what you were hoping for, it's okay. you still have the power to forgive them and yourself too. and that choice is resounding.

be kinder. forgive people because we are all suffering.

we all make mistakes. we all stumble. don't choose anger. choose forgiveness. there's so much beauty in us if we let go of our fears and prejudices.

we can be small, stingy, selfish, malicious, unforgiving. but the thing about the huma...Read more

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tell the world that we finally got it all right

let go

of all my fears of being alone

of not being loved

of being cheated on

of being lied to

of not being good enough

of not being enough

i'm enough for me

and that should be the end of this monologue

now stop talking to yourself

or people will start realizing

that you actually ARE a crazy person

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song of a night owl

i'll light a candle for you

evermore by the window

awaiting the sounds long lost to me

i'll wash our love in the ocean

let it freely dissipate

a recurring crash onto the rocky shoreline

i'll cry forever

in my soul there's a gaping mess

i let the wind slip through my hands

and swiftly it will go

by and by

the sky was alight

and silly i was left dreaming



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what happiness could be had if i just...

be in the present

be in the present

be in the present?




but then what of heartache?

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port of call

i left you there

can't ever be sure

whose heart broke first

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stars fading into the sunrise

to immortalize the melancholy of a dying star

or allow the sunrise to burn through your bones?

eat away the trail of broken pieces

until this whole world is on fire

we'll light the whole world on fire

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waking to tears

and the remnants of a dream's resounding mantra

this happiness is bursting my heart..

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April 23, 2007