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Firstly respect to AnD for advertising the show!!!

Secondly get ur butts down to this one!

We got a 45 minute set from hell to deliver to you with our buddies FBI!!!!

Doors at 10.30pm!

Expect the unexpected!

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big thanks to the Underground last night!

Great show last night!! all the bands kicked ass!!

Thanks to Chris B for setting up the show and making it a cool ass night!

Thanks to all the fans who turned up to watch us too!!!

You made it a wicked night!


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The long lost updates 1-10

OK guys so we've been mega busy the past couple of months!

First and foremost thanks to everyone who's been turning up to all our shows the past couple of months! The sheer amount we played last month it almost felt like we were on tour! Big respect to the HK crowds for being so excellent! People say you guys don't move but all we've been seeing is people jumpin like crazy! we intend to keep it that way too!

Early last month we parted ways with Victor Neri, we wish him all the success in his future a...Read more

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We have parted ways with Victor this week and wish him all the best in his future ventures. However this means we need a new drummer! We are currently auditioning in Hong Kong for the next Superstar o...

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NEVER N Destroyed Yo Park!

What a brilliant night! A huge range of top quality bands including our buddies FBI who tore it up tonight.

For those of you who don't know about NEVER N, they are a local band who headlined tonights show in Whampoa.

They completely blew me away with tonights performance and have unquestionally become my favourite band in Hong Kong.

They have everything! the looks, the onstage charisma, the style, the musicianship and the songs are played with so much conviction it makes even the originals the covered lo...Read more

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Me and Joe went to some Pucci thing last night.

In my current state I promised joe we wouldn't drink.

But we did.


We drank and drank and drank as fast as possible.

The contest was on.

The nicest socialite event I've been to in a long time.

Joe won phase 1 of the drinking by quite calmly taking a whole bottle of champagne off a waiter. He then proceeded to start slugging the bottle in the open with some friends.

...Read more
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To everyone who has turned up to our live shows the past few weeks!

The Underground show and Starcrossed Events we're a fucking huge success and we'd like to thank Chris B - Underground H, Ross and Julia - Star Crossed Tattoo and also all the bands we've played with!

We have officially begun to tear this shit up!

Our next set will be full of new songs not yet heard by the masses.

Expect them to be HUGE and LOUD and our live show to get even more intense!

AnD Event on Sunday was cool, great to catch u...Read more

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Single guys are always the worst..

Which is a good thing because right now we do not only play live.

We play with anger,



and best of all sexual frustration.

A whole band full of frustrated single guys??

It calls for some seriously kickass rock n roll!!

At sammis kitchen this Saturday!! in Sheung Wan.

Single, Divorced, Widowed and even married folks are all welcome to jump on the groupie bandwagon that is the Gong Wu Basement Mah Jong Parlour.

We are an equal oppor...Read more

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Climax to the most difficult day of this year.

Ok so I'm finally sitting outside the departure gate to the uk after a long and stressful couple of days.

My uncle and auntie sourced me a new flight with Virgin this morning and we went to pick up the ticket earlier.

as soon as we got back home at 2pm I went to sleep and woke up at 8pm.

All the stress of recent events caught up with me and I passed out into a really good midday nap!

Anyway so my uncle just dropped me off and finally here I am.

Lost all my money for Oa...Read more

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My very own Jihad put on Oasis Airlines!

It is official.

guess which idiot booked his flight today with Oasis.

Since 4pm I have only spoke in cantonese.

4 words.. all cursing words.

flight is cancelled and I'm waiting for something to happen.

3 hours sleep. nana's funeral and now no flight back to the poo-k!

I was wishing that I didn't need to go back home. so in some sick tarded way my wish came true..

I better get a flight tonight otherwise I'm going to have to shout at someone on the ...Read more

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We slap the hardest funk crunching metal across the earholes of Asia.. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GONGWU WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GONGWUBAND WWW.GONGWUBAND.COM

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