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Me and Joe went to some Pucci thing last night.

In my current state I promised joe we wouldn't drink.

But we did.


We drank and drank and drank as fast as possible.

The contest was on.

The nicest socialite event I've been to in a long time.

Joe won phase 1 of the drinking by quite calmly taking a whole bottle of champagne off a waiter. He then proceeded to start slugging the bottle in the open with some friends.

gotta give him some respect for that.

So anyway I won the eating contest, I made friends with the waiters who started bringing the food over directly to me and I ended up with a pile of excellent finger food.

We then proceeded to terrorize the rest of Hong Kong.

With our free pink sparkly pucci pillows underarm we went from club to club.

all the other guys mustve been so jealous that they didnt have pink pucci pillows too.

So anyway after about 5 am we staggered off home.

I got home and prayed to god to please allow me one day without a hangover.

So it was either him, or the food that saved me.

I bet Joe feels like crap today..

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Figure out what's eating your insides before this becomes serious.
about 15 years ago
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Joe actually didn't feel like crap but subsequently has been taking about 6 craps per hour since that night. i think his glass bowl has finally got the better of him
about 15 years ago


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