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Climax to the most difficult day of this year.

Ok so I'm finally sitting outside the departure gate to the uk after a long and stressful couple of days.

My uncle and auntie sourced me a new flight with Virgin this morning and we went to pick up the ticket earlier.

as soon as we got back home at 2pm I went to sleep and woke up at 8pm.

All the stress of recent events caught up with me and I passed out into a really good midday nap!

Anyway so my uncle just dropped me off and finally here I am.

Lost all my money for Oasis thus far but I will see what I can do once I get to the UK.

It's so strange for me going back. I still feel the same feeling of depression that I had ever since I was a kid returning to the UK from a really nice vacation in HK.

Only this time I keep reminding myself I'm coming back in 10 days!

I love Hong Kong so much I just don't wanna leave!

Ah well hopefully I will be coming back with many problems tied up and ready to rock and roll with my ultimate alliance that is Gong Wu!

Will miss all my gang members while I'm gone (god I keep forgetting i'm coming back soon!)

but yeah will miss the sunshine that's for sure!!!

saiyonara motherfuckers!


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hahah vacation! will try and brainwash myself into seeing it that way!
over 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Vacation, not. Get as much stuff resolved, loose ends tied up, whatever, so that you can let go of as much of this stuff as you are able. It sounds like it has been dragging you down for a while. Time to jettison that cargo, baby.
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