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Thats right! come over and check out the new website kindly crafted by our beautiful, if not kinda scary manager!


pioneering the way for the eradication of real music.

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Hong Kong models beware!

This is kinda embarrasing but I thought I'd share what happened to me last night!

Someone I knew recommended me to meet up with some guy called "Andy" last night.

supposedly he ran a fashion company that specialised in gay mens fashions.

But he also does escort work supposedly.

anyway to cut a long story short he met me for dinner in some fancy place and tried to show he was filthy rich etc..

then he persuaded me to take me back to his company wharehouse (which was some seedy litt...Read more

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www.gongwuband.com online now check it out!!

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OK Rough website is online now and we will have a much better one on soon!

however it does link to our fancy new forum from the site!

Come over and say hello on our forum sometime!


the only place for sei cap dvds left outside of Mong Kok

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Thanks for coming and checking out our profile. As I’m sure you’re aware the Hong Kong music scene is pretty small and we need all the help we can get! We hope you enjoy our music and hope...

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We're feeling TODALLY feroche!

Seriously, right now, we're all feeling TODALLY feroche! I mean, not even like, a LIDDLE feroche, but like, a tranny straight out of Transylvania hot mess FEROCHE.

I mean, seriously, your tickety tack tranny mess ain't got nothing on our FEROCHE, bitches.


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Notorious Tabloid Paper Captures Gong Wu

The original entry has been removed because Joe forgot to take his medication before he wrote it. He is now safely resting at home under heavy sedation.

In the meantime, please enjoy these unauthorized, paparazzi photographs of a typical Gong Wu afternoon.

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There are hidden tags in all of our photos. See if you can find them..what fun!


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First gig!

Our first official gig turned out to be a runaway success. For all those who missed it..sucks to be you!


Flanked by local giants The Squawk, Discombobulation, and the mighty Shepherds The Weak, the wind and cold weather could do little to dampen the spirits those who turned up. Couple that with a free bar all night and conditions ripe for mayhem! Based on their performance that night, Gong Wu has been invited to play some more shows in the upcoming months, the details of which will be posted in time.


Thanks to e...Read more

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We slap the hardest funk crunching metal across the earholes of Asia.. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GONGWU WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GONGWUBAND WWW.GONGWUBAND.COM

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